Poke around and see what tickles your fancy! These series are unlike anything you'll find on regular TV. This is a real adventure. UnchainedTV's original series, Pig Little Lies, has gotten rave reviews. It's the world's first reality TV series starring... you guessed it... pigs! "You Gotta Have Hope" is the story of Hope the chicken, who lives with a lovely family in Los Angeles. Peeled is the first all vegan - cast and crew - cooking competition show. And, then there's New Day New Chef, which won 2 Taste Awards, considered the Oscars of Food! Oh, and let's not forget the unforgettable Lingerie Protest!

  • Night Action: Under Cover of Darkness

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    Go on a daring nighttime adventure with a group of dedicated Direct Action Everywhere animal lovers who are determined to rescue suffering animals. But, where will their mission take them? Find out.

  • Pig Little Lies

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    Pig Little Lies — the world's first reality show starring a family of pigs! This dramedy, filmed at a rescue in Hollywood, CA, features Dante and Beatrice's escape from the pound to a safe home for themselves and their brood. Drama ensues!

  • Plant-Based by Nafsika

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    Plant-Based By Nafsika, created and produced by host Nafsika Antypas, is a conscious lifestyle series, brings you experts covering different faces of cruelty-free lifestyle - food, nutrition, wellness, beauty, fashion, relationships, and science. It features celebrity guests, fashion icons, and n...

  • Jamie's Corner

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    Watch as Jamie Logan approaches people in the park to educate them by any means necessary about the ethical dilemma of eating animals.

  • Million Dollar Vegan

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  • The Veggie Hunter Regina Mitchell

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    When Regina Mitchell isn't Veggie Hunting, she's co-hosting WHYY-TV's You Oughta Know guide to the greater Philadelphia area. This fab series is brought to you courtesy of KOI Media and its talented producer Kamilah Lewis.

  • Compassion In Action

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    Prayer for Compassion director Thomas Wade Jackson, and his adorable daughter Melody, go on a fabulous adventure. And, you're invited to join! This seven-part docu-series takes the viewer to animal sanctuaries, marches and vigils around the world and introduces you to incredible souls working to ...

  • A Moment in History

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    This UnchainedTV original series shows us a moment in history. We will look back and wonder... why? Why all that unnecessary suffering? Evil flourishes when otherwise good people are convinced that something morally reprehensible is either necessary or just acceptable. The activists you are about...

  • Ya Gotta Have Hope

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    Ya Gotta Have Hope, a new UnchainedTV original series, is the world's first reality show starring a chicken!
    Follow a day in the life of Hope, a rescue chicken.

  • The Dogs of Puerto Rico

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    Since this documentary was produced, there have been improvements when it comes to spay/neuter. But, it's still a huge struggle. If you are moved by the plight of these dogs and want to help, visit:

  • Tour Italy NOW!

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    Florence, Sicily, Naples, Matera and the glorious Amalfi coast. Pop an olive and relax. This tour is first class all the way.

  • The Lingerie Protest

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  • Peeled
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  • Open Rescue Trial

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    Did these two women steal two chickens from a slaughter truck... or did they rescue the chickens? Direct Action Everywhere is an animal activist organization that is determined to establish the right to rescue animals, including factory farmed animals like chickens, from situations where they are...

  • New Day New Chef

    3 seasons

    The Award-Winning Vegan Cooking Show

  • The Rotten Truth

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    Factory Farming Awareness Coalition's Rowdy Keelor shares The Rotten Truth about what the meat and dairy industries don't want you to know!

  • Climate Healers

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  • Genesis Butler Takes Action

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    Genesis Butler Takes Action", starring Genesis Butler and created by Asher Brown at Pollution Studios.

  • Katarina Van Derham

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    Supermodel and influencer, Katarina Van Derham, travels the world. Follow along as she takes you to exciting destinations and shows off their delicious vegan food!

  • Vegan Pop Eats

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  • The Elephant Matrix

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