The Lingerie Protest

The Lingerie Protest

The Lingerie Protest
  • The Lingerie Protest

    An original. Clad in lingerie, Australian model, Stefania Ferrario, and influencer, Tash Peterson, teamed up in Melbourne to raise awareness of animal agriculture's devastating impact on the climate, animals and people.

  • Backstage with the Lingerie Protests

    After an overwhelming response to The Lingerie Protests, UnChainedTV talks to Supermodel Stefania about how it all started


    The response to our Original short film was overwhelming with thousands asking for more! So, here's an extended discussion with supermodel Stefania Ferrario who started a global "take it off for the animals" movement!

  • New Lingerie Protest Hits Sydney!

    The Lingerie Protest Movement began in Australia and spread around the world. Now, it's come full circle back to Sydney. Andrew Alexander reports. Tough assignment.

  • Lingerie Protests Hit Hollywood

    The Lingerie Protest Movement, which UnchainedTV has profiled in-depth, has now hit Hollywood! Is your city next? Thanks to Cesar Asebedo and Moshi Films.