Jamie's Corner

Jamie's Corner

Watch as Jamie Logan approaches people in the park to educate them by any means necessary about the ethical dilemma of eating animals.

Jamie's Corner
  • Why the Lone Star Tick Will Blow Your Mind!

    Is mother nature trying to tell us something? While actress Jamie Logan is a comic genius, this is no joke. The Lone Star Tick can cause.... wait for it... a meat allergy! That is correct and not fake news or an alternative fact. The bite of the lone star tick can cause the bitee (this word is no...

  • Mermaids Rock

    Journalist/actress/comedian/activist Jamie Logan meets up with mermaids and the Old Man of the Sea along Santa Monica beach where - in true ONLY IN LA fashion - people are giving away fish tacos that are NOT made from fish. Call them FYSH.

    A lot of people don't really consider fish to be animals...

  • Get Your Tickets for LA's Nov 11th & 12th VKind Experience!

    Comic journalist/actress Jamie Logan tells us all about the VKind Experience coming up this November 11th and 12th in Los Angeles! It's never been done before. A visual sensation combined with a taste sensation. VKind takes you around the world, sampling the best plant-based dishes from every reg...

  • Vegan vs. Carnivores SHOWDOWN

    We could say a lot about this video... but, frankly, you just gotta see it. It's pretty fascinating. Comic journalist Jamie Logan simply debates strangers in Manhattan's Union Square. Feel free to also answer, for yourself, the very questions she asks of the strangers. Who do you think made the b...

  • NYC's Vegan Market in Central Park

    Watch comic journalist Jamie Logan go to great lengths to get people to pay attention to information that could literally save the planet. All this is happening at the summertime vegan market at the famous Wollman Rink In NYC's Central Park. In the winter, the rink is for ice skating. It's also b...

  • Pasta Party in NYC!

    Comic reporter Jamie Logan and master chef Joshua Onysko get their pasta on! Jamie can't help but play the curious cut-up as the chef actually cuts up the fresh tomatoes and basil they picked up at the local farmer's market. Then he shows us tricks of the pasta trade as he brings it all together ...

  • Jamie Hits the Streets for National Animal Rights Day

    National Animal Rights Day is serious business. But, comic journalist Jamie Logan can't help but bring a fun, and even mischievous, vibe to the proceedings... to make a vital point. This yearly event is held in more than 100 cities around the world to honor the BILLIONS of innocent animals killed...

  • How to Make VEGAN Chickn' Alfredo

    In this weeks episode, Jamie and her sidekick Bobby tackle the challenge of making vegan Chickn' Alfredo at the Vegas Vegan Culinary School and Eatery.

    Watch as Jamie and Bobby navigate their way through a maze of cashews, chick'n bites, and nutritional yeast, all while trying to avoid turning t...

  • When a VEGAN Walks Into a Climate March

    In this weeks episode, Jamie attends the Vegan Earth Day March in NYC.

    She finds herself in a sea of vegans who hate animal agriculture just as much as she does. She stops to chat with a gregarious gassy man, a sneaky sign thief, a vegan imposter, a dreamy doctor, and a few others along the way....

  • Turning Union Square into a VEGAN orchestra

    In this weeks episode, Jamie finds herself pushing her vegan agenda in the middle of Union Square.

    She has multiple men rapping about how the dairy industry tortures cows, an ex-farmer confessing his love for a pig, a radiant red head who says veganism saved her life and a few other skeptical on...

  • Activism in the Digital Age With Gigi Robinson and The Organic Grill

    In this episode, Jamie speaks with Gigi Robinson and Vlad Grinberg to delve into the challenges of vegan activism, the complicated dynamics of relationships, and the ever-evolving world of social media.

    The Organic Grill, nestled in the vibrant West Village of Manhattan, is not your ordinary eat...

  • Love Is In The Air At Flip Flops Animal Sanctuary (Literally)

    In this weeks episode, Jamie visits Flip Flops Animal Sanctuary...during mating season.
    She meets a very horny turkey, a balding pig, two gigantic emus, killer roosters, disabled ducks, genius guinea fowl, cuddly chickens and flocks of sassy geese. Jamie tries to lay down the law by teaching some...

  • Saving Lives With Flip Flops Animal Sanctuary (ft. Cathy Rogers)

    In this episode of Jamie's Corer, Jamie speaks with Cathy Rogers, the founder of Flip Flops Animal Sanctuary. Cathy shares her inspiring journey of how she went vegan, started the sanctuary, and the challenges she has faced along the way.

    Cathy's love for animals started at a young age, and she ...

  • This Doc Will Cure You of Human Supremacy!

    In this episode, Jamie Logan speaks with Dr. Faraz Harsini, a molecular biophysicist whose focus is on making the world a better place. His research includes the study of cancer, COVID-19, pandemics, and protein. During the conversation, Dr. Faraz will debunk common myths about veganism and prote...

  • UnchainedTV's Jane Velez-Mitchell Reveals All

    Jamie Logan, star of Jamie's Corner and GenV media maven, talks to longtime TV journalist, New York Times best-selling author and UnchainedTV streaming network founder Jane Velez-Mitchell. Jane reveals the shocking way she went vegan, how she got sober 28 years ago and why she started UnchainedTV...

  • Why Pigs & Not Dogs?

    A gathering is interrupted in the park by Jamie Logan as she proceeds to ask two strangers why they still eat pigs. cavelightfilms.com

  • Rip Open the Matrix w Jamie Logan!

    The fabulous and provocative Jamie Logan takes to the streets to bust open the Meat Matrix and get people to see the reality on UnchainedTV.com.. Thanks to Dominion & CaveLightFilms.com

  • What Do You Eat, Grass?

    Out of the mouths of babes, the questions people ask people who don't eat animals. Jamie Logan is on the case. CaveLightFilms.com

  • Man's Reaction to the Truth!

    Jamie Logan explains to park goers why eating animals is wrong when a meat eater tries to show her his raw tuna. Cavelightfilms.com

  • 5 Minutes That Changed 2 People...

    Two lives are ruined as Jamie Logan shows two best friends where their food comes from. Cavelightfilms.com

  • No Nice Way to Die!

    Jamie Logan asks a man if he prefers a knife to his throat or bolt gun to his brain to show how Halal doesn’t mean much to the animals being killed. cavelightfilms.com

  • Vegan tells woman to shut up!

    A singer abruptly starts belting out classics in the park while Jamie Logan tries to push her vegan agenda onto innocent park goers.

  • Ya Gotta Hear This Guy!

    Ryuji Chua has been on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He's known for his articulate advocacy of the vegan lifestyle. I guess that's why we call him Peace By Vegan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGshv9lqyhQ