Jamie's Corner

Jamie's Corner

Watch as Jamie Logan approaches people in the park to educate them by any means necessary about the ethical dilemma of eating animals.

Jamie's Corner
  • Why Pigs & Not Dogs?

    A gathering is interrupted in the park by Jamie Logan as she proceeds to ask two strangers why they still eat pigs. cavelightfilms.com

  • Rip Open the Matrix w Jamie Logan!

    The fabulous and provocative Jamie Logan takes to the streets to bust open the Meat Matrix and get people to see the reality on UnchainedTV.com.. Thanks to Dominion & CaveLightFilms.com

  • What Do You Eat, Grass?

    Out of the mouths of babes, the questions people ask people who don't eat animals. Jamie Logan is on the case. CaveLightFilms.com

  • Man's Reaction to the Truth!

    Jamie Logan explains to park goers why eating animals is wrong when a meat eater tries to show her his raw tuna. Cavelightfilms.com

  • 5 Minutes That Changed 2 People...

    Two lives are ruined as Jamie Logan shows two best friends where their food comes from. Cavelightfilms.com

  • No Nice Way to Die!

    Jamie Logan asks a man if he prefers a knife to his throat or bolt gun to his brain to show how Halal doesn’t mean much to the animals being killed. cavelightfilms.com

  • Vegan tells woman to shut up!

    A singer abruptly starts belting out classics in the park while Jamie Logan tries to push her vegan agenda onto innocent park goers.

  • Ya Gotta Hear This Guy!

    Ryuji Chua has been on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He's known for his articulate advocacy of the vegan lifestyle. I guess that's why we call him Peace By Vegan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGshv9lqyhQ