Night Action: Under Cover of Darkness

Night Action: Under Cover of Darkness

Go on a daring nighttime adventure with a group of dedicated Direct Action Everywhere animal lovers who are determined to rescue suffering animals. But, where will their mission take them? Find out.

Night Action: Under Cover of Darkness
  • Night Action! Episode One

    In Episode One, we arrive at a parking lot around midnight. Telling you any more would require a spoiler alert. This is reality TV at its most real, following a large group of animal activists on a rescue mission... under cover of darkness. Watch next episodes in SERIES category or just click he...

  • Night Action - Episode Two

    In this episode, we follow Direct Action Everywhere activists to a bridge. Here the assembled animal lovers learn of a new assignment designed to maintain the power of surprise and deter any infiltrators from sabotaging the mission.

  • Night Action - Episode Three

    UnchainedTV did not know what was in store as we headed north/west from Berkeley to Petaluma, California. What happens there has to be seen to be believed.