Plant-Based by Nafsika

Plant-Based by Nafsika

Plant-Based By Nafsika, created and produced by host Nafsika Antypas, is a conscious lifestyle series, brings you experts covering different faces of cruelty-free lifestyle - food, nutrition, wellness, beauty, fashion, relationships, and science. It features celebrity guests, fashion icons, and nutritional gurus sharing, incorporating and exploring the exciting aspects of living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Airing first on the FYI/A&E Network, Plant-Based is the world's first vegan lifestyle series on mainstream television.

Plant-Based by Nafsika
  • Ineffective Medical Experiments, Address Chic, and Vegan Love!

    This episode of Plant-Based by Nafsika features Dr. Aysha Akhtar, double board-certified neurologist, preventive medicine/public health specialist, and Co-founder, President and CEO of the Center for Contemporary Sciences, who speaks to the unregulated and ineffective practice of using animals in...

  • Reversing Heart Disease, Sweet Corn Risotto, and an Animal-Rights News Magazine!

    This episode of Plant-Based by Nafsika presents Dr. Joel Kahn, Cardiologist, who talks about how to maximize heart health with a plant-based diet and how his restaurant, GreenSpace Cafe, serves healthy, delicious, fun, vegan foods. Then, Chef Breck Oxford, founder of Insatiable Vegan, shows Nafsi...

  • Plant-Based Healing, Juicing for Vitality, and The 120 Challenge

    This episode of Plant-Based by Nafsika presents Dr. Scott Schreiber, advocate for a vegan diet, who discusses the nutritional benefits of a plant-based diet. Then, Christian Evans, founder of Christian's Weight Success, shows Nafsika how to make a delicious watermelon fruit smoothie as well as a ...

  • The Good Food Institute, Vegan Tamales, and Vegan Interior Design!

    Plant-Based by Nafsika presents Bruce Freidrich with The Good Food Institute, who discusses the use of behavioral economics to increase and incentivize more plant-based consumerism. Then, Eddie Garza shows Nafsika how to make delicious traditional vegan black bean tamales, and finally, Deborah Ro...

  • Farm Sanctuary, Oyster Mushroom Salad, and Cold Hard Facts About Veganism!

    Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary, talks about the true essence of what makes a happy home for animals, Chef Eddie Garza makes a vegan oyster mushroom salad with fresh produce from Edible Garden, and Mic the Vegan nerds out over the science that supports the benefits of a plant-based diet.

  • Plant-based Vitality, Yoga Routine + Vegan Chocolate Bars!

    This episode of Plant-Based by Nafsika features an interview with Christian Limoges, Naturopath and Quality of Life Specialist, who discusses how plant-based medicinal supplements can enhance our quality of life. Nafsika then dives into a healing yoga routine with Kelcie Mahr of Core Love Yoga, a...

  • Health & History

    Nafsika unpacks the work of two prominent women. Dr. Deepa Veema is a health expert who explains the benefits of a plant-based diet in preventing disease. And, Jerolyn Morrison is an expert in prehistoric diets and tells us what we can learn from the plant-based leanings of early humans.

  • The Humane Party & Messaging the Kate!

    Meet Clifton Roberts, America's first Humane Party presidential candidate. And, UnchainedTV's Jane Velez-Mitchell joins Nafsika and That Snarky Vegan Girl, Donna Dennison, to show you how to strip and massage kale to whip it up into a fabulous, superfood dish.

  • Parties & Pizza... All Plant-Based

    In this episode, Nafsika interviews Demetrius Bagley who runs New York City's Vegan EatUP. For more, visit

    We also get a cooking class from Jay Astafa, a dynamic, young, vegan chef known for astounding pizza, among other dishes,

  • Main Street Vegan Academy & La Fashionista Compassionista

    Victoria Moran runs the amazing Main Street Vegan Academy which has turned out SO many powerhouse vegan entrepreneurs. For more, visit

    And, Adrienne Borgersen of La Compassionista Fashionista magazine talks about the growing trend toward cruelty-free fashion, free of...

  • Vegan Cartoons, Vegan Beauty & Joggling

    Pop producer Tom Cangemi makes cartoons with a moral message, Adrienne Borgerson with cruelty-free beauty products and vegan athlete Chris Pert with unique talents.

  • What Is Happy Cow?

    Nafsika talks to Ken Spector from the wildly popular, global streaming guide Happy Cow. You can download Happy Cow as an APP on your phone and use it anywhere in the world, from Vienna, Austria to Austin, Texas. It will literally guide you to vegan/vegetarian restaurants and stores in your vicini...