The Rotten Truth

The Rotten Truth

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition's Rowdy Keelor shares The Rotten Truth about what the meat and dairy industries don't want you to know!

The Rotten Truth
  • "Farmer" Rowdy Keelor's Adventures!

    Who is this kooky character and why does he want to tell you a secret?

  • The Rotten Truth - Standard Practices

    Rowdy Keelor continues on his adventure... to The Rotten Truth! In this episode, he shares with us the standard practices on the farm.

  • Lies, Lies & More... Lies!

    Mega corporations use words that mean nothing to create the illusion that animals raised in factory farms are treated well. But, Rowdy Keelor brings YOU the rotten truth you need to hear so you don't buy the lie.

  • Now, Let's Get... Really Real!

    Rowdy Keelor is on a roll... dropping truth bombs that WAKE YOU UP! Imagine the lives of those poor people who have to kill animals every day because they work at a slaughterhouse where the lines move so fast, they can barely keep up. PTSD, depression, alcoholism and drug abuse impact them at a h...

  • And, Not a Drop to Drink

    Rowdy Keelor explains how we're on the verge of a global water crisis. While people blame lawns and almonds, the real culprit is..... Find out!

  • How Factory Farming Impacts Communities of Color

    Rowdy Keelor says LISTEN UP! Factory farming ruins the neighborhoods these massive facilities invade. They are generally put in low-income communities of color, creating health problems and reducing property values.

  • It's Really Happening

    Climate change can be ignored until... it can't. We're at the can't part. But, there is something we can all do 3 times a day to drastically lower our carbon footprint. Take a guess.

  • YOU Can Fix the Biggest Problem We Face

    Rowdy reveals the secret to avoiding habitat destruction and mass species extinction. And, you can be a part of the solution.

  • The Amazon Rainforest Is...

    Why is the Amazon Rainforest in such big trouble, and what can you do to help fix it?

  • Soy Myths... ah, Lies

    Rowdy explains why you are being fed a load of BS when it comes to soy! He unpacks the science is a way you can understand.

  • And, then, there's the PANDEMIC!

    Rowdy is doing some straight talk about this global nightmare called Covid-19. Learn all about Pandemics and historical what causes them.

  • Taking Action Ep 12

    A recap of the truth about what's going on in the world and how you can make a huge change that will save our planet.