Million Dollar Vegan

Million Dollar Vegan

Million Dollar Vegan
  • This Video Went Viral: Find Out Why!

    The company in question is invited on any time to respond. Visit to get involved.

  • See What He Looks Like Now!

    Tim Kauffman weighed over 400 pounds. See what he looks like now and what changed?

  • The Answer to Most Health Issues!

    Famed Dr. Michael Klaper gives us the solution to reversing obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes... and it's pretty easy to implement! to be a part of the change.

  • The Real Story You Have to Watch!

    Advertiser-based mainstream news media won't talk about the animal ag/pandemic/disease link. But, we will. Visit: to be part of the solution.

  • Dr. Neal Barnard's Amazing Journey

    Dr. Neal Barnard reveals how and why he started Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which represents thousands of plant-based doctors.

  • Cardiologist Debunks Food Myths!

    Dr. Kim Williams tells it like it is about the myths that keep people locked in a very unhealthy lifestyle.

  • See What He Looks Like Now!

    David Clark hit bottom on fast food and pills and made a change. Then, a miracle happened.

  • He Almost Died. Then He Changed!

    Danta Harris was an athlete in school. But, a bad hospital experience was his wake up call to rethink what he was eating. for more.

  • Heart Disease Patient Wakes Up!

    Bryn Scola had a couple of heart attacks when he decided to try something new. What followed was a miraculous transformation. Oh, and he reversed diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • See What He Looks Like Now!

    Bob Blackburn knew he had to change. And, guess, what... it was so much easier than he thought it would be. Look at him now, baby!

  • Movie Star Alicia Silverstone's Plea!

    The star of Clueless and other hit films, Silverstone is a passionate advocate for the vegan diet and makes a powerful case for why we should all switch... and soon.

  • See What He Looks Like Today!

    Adam Sud was desperate for a way out of toxic food and substance abuse behaviors. He took a leap and made a life change! Wow! What a transformation!