The Elephant Matrix

The Elephant Matrix

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The Elephant Matrix

    Three elephants who witnessed their mother being culled right before their eyes, were captured from an African forest and then brutally trained for exhibition to please throngs of people, have experienced a lifetime of physical and emotional trauma. Watch Reiki healer, Elke Riesterer meticulously...

  • The Ark - Where Rescued Elephants Get to Be Happy!

    An up-close encounter with two African beauties, Thika and Toka, retired from the Toronto Zoo in 2013, and two Asian elephants, Nicholas and Gypsy, rescued from an American circus, offers profound insights on their resilience and ability to forgive humans. They are thriving in a 125-acre plot of ...

  • Torn from the Wild - Why Zoos Are Prisons Not Palaces!

    In the wild, elephants wander across vast areas in their natural habitat, 16 to 18 hours a day, and socialize with other herds. They need this kind of socialization for their physical and emotional well-being. Even when zoo elephants are kept in open enclosures, a few acres of land cannot meet t...

  • World Elephant Day Honored at Nasdaq

    There's a growing, global movement to end humanity's horrific treatment of elephants for entertainment, tourism and religion. Don't ever ride an elephant.... not ever! They - and their families- have been tortured to get them to that tourist trap. But, there's more than you can do! Sign here to p...

  • Asian Elephants 101 Sneak Preview

    A robust infotainment series supported by Nat Geo Society and produced by award-winning Wildlife Filmmaker, Author, Founder, Sangita Iyer. Learn about the history of elephants and the abuse they entail by the hands of humans, which forces them out of their natural habitat and ways of li...

  • The Woman Behind The Elephant Matrix

    Meet renowned filmmaker Sangita Iyer, who spent two years creating the extraordinary 26-part series on Indian elephants. Get her new book:

  • Asian Elephants 101

    Two years in the making, The Asian Elephants 101 series highlights new issues these amazing creatures are facing. Support:

  • Living with Giants

    Dramatic story portraying the precarious lives of elephants and people – two dominant species, trying to coexist. Join our movement:

  • Let's End Elephant Bullying

    Habitat loss is driving elephants into villages and cropland to find food, where young men are mobbing the elephants. The solution? Cultivate saplings:

  • The Plight of Temple Elephants

    Worshipped and tortured, revered and defiled. Indian elephants are exploited behind the insidious veil of religion. Support our projects:

  • Saving Elephants from Deadly Trains

    Every year, many elephants are killed on India’s deadly train tracks. Join our movement to end these tragic deaths:

  • Meet the Gentle Bulls

    Rare footage of bull elephants displaying unique and extraordinary behaviors dispels unfounded myths about male elephants. Visit: