Tour Italy NOW!

Tour Italy NOW!

Florence, Sicily, Naples, Matera and the glorious Amalfi coast. Pop an olive and relax. This tour is first class all the way.

Tour Italy NOW!
  • The Vegan Roadie Does Sicily!

    Did you know that Sicily is the largest and most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea? Well, it is. The vistas are stunning. History is everywhere you turn. And, the food? makes you want to... mangiare.
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  • The Vegan Roadie Does Naples

    Naples is Italy's third largest city, after Rome and Milan. Famous as the birthplace of pizza, what an ideal place to look for some fabulous vegan dishes and, of course, gelato. Want to learn more about vegan travel? There's a club. Check it out:

  • The Vegan Roadie Does Matera!

    And, while you are enjoying Matera's famous Casa Grotta di Vico Solitario and the famous rock church St. Lucia alle Malve, which contains prized medieval frescoes, you must eat!!! Nothing like sightseeing to work up an appetite! So, Dustin Harder has invited you to share a delicious meal, or two,...

  • The Vegan Roadie Does the Amalfi Coast

    Follow the intrepid Dustin Harder as he explores the Amalfi coast of Italy. This coastline is... well, there's no words to fully describe intricate. colorful, historic buildings hanging onto the cliffs over the sparkling water. And, then, there's the magnificent food. Let the Vegan Roadie take yo...

  • The Vegan Roadie Does Florence, Italy

    Let Dustin Harder, the Vegan Roadie, take you a tour of one of the world's most glorious and historic cities... Florence. Of course, you want to see the museums and the churches. But, there has to time for a fabulous Tuscan meal. This video brought to you by Vegan Roadie in conjunction with Vegan...