• Cast of Peeled Celebrates on the Red Carpet

    The cast of Peeled knows how to party! See what the team is wearing on the red carpet, and hear about the ways they are making plant-based cooking accessible for everyone. They want you to know you don't have to be vegan to love Peeled, the first 100% vegan cooking competition show!

  • PEELED - Episode One

    Check out this incredibly suspenseful, yet gleeful, cooking competition from Vkind Studios! You've never seen cooking like this before! It's fun and you learn how to make some incredible plant-based dishes! Peeled is the first 100% vegan cooking competition show. The judges are vegan, the host...

  • Peeled - Episode 2

    This first of its kind cooking show features an all vegan cast and crew. Who will make it to the finish line? Find out and get the skinny on some fabulous plant-based recipes while you're watching.


    This is a cooking competition like no other. It's a race against time to whip up the perfect dish and win the approval of a panel of tough judges. Funny and kinda nerve-wrecking. Brought to you by