At Home with the Jenners

At Home with the Jenners

Hollywood stars are going plant-based in droves for their own health, the environment and the animals. Musician, singer, songwriter, reality TV star Brandon Jenner and his wife Cayley are in top shape and raising 3 healthy kids on a plant-based diet. They want to inspire others to try it as well. They care so deeply about this issue, they've opened their Malibu home up to UnchainedTV so we can show you, up close, their plant-based, garden-to-table lifestyle. The dishes Cayley makes, with Brandon assisting at her side, are packed with vegetables and therefore nutrient-dense. They're also absolutely delicious. It's inspiring to see the many vegetables Cayley has grown in her garden, from kale to Swiss chard. Even the seasonings, like thyme, are homegrown.

Brandon Jenner grew up in the spotlight, the son of Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner and songwriter/actress Linda Thompson. His stepsisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, are some of the world's most famous women. But, At Home with the Jenners shows a different side of this famous family.

Brandon, a multi-talented musician, singer, songwriter and reality star in his own right, is also incredibly down to earth and unpretentious as he helps his gentle and gracious wife Cayley gather greens from the garden and transform them into gourmet dishes. Cayley reveals the fun ways she gets their 3 kids to eat their veggies. And, she has no qualms about putting Brandon to work chopping onions. This couple is absolutely adorable. You can see how much fun they have together as Brandon's playful nature and Cayley's demure yet forceful personality intertwine. Oh, and did we mention that Brandon is also a pilot and a great surfer. Wow. Check it out. You'll be saying, I'll have what they're having.

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At Home with the Jenners
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    The Jenners let us into their sun-drenched Malibu home and take us to their lovely garden where they introduce us to the animals they consider family: Teacup and Goldie, their pet chickens and Tortellini, their lovely, large tortoise. The also have a beautiful, dark brown dog.

    Brandon Jenner is...

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