Cooking Shows - Sponsored by Wild Earth... for the evolved dog.

Cooking Shows - Sponsored by Wild Earth... for the evolved dog.

Get cooking good looking! Here are a slew of fabulous, fun recipes that will make you a superstar in the kitchen! Did you know that plant-based cooking actually offers more variety than meat-based cooking? Think about it. There are thousands of vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains and fruits that can be arrayed in an infinite number of combinations. From comfort food, to raw dishes, plant-based cooking runs the gamut. And, we bring it all to you. From UnchainedTV's award-winning series, New Day New Chef, to Wicked Kitchen's spectacular series on how to make mushrooms into juicy steaks, we're on the cutting edge of vegan cuisine. And, remember, it's all zero cholesterol! So, heart healthy!

Cooking Shows - Sponsored by Wild Earth... for the evolved dog.
  • The Wicked Kitchen

    12 items

    Wicked Kitchen is on a mission to unleash the mighty power of plants! Watch the ingenious Derek Sarno whip up crave-able, flavor-first, sustainable foods that are better for you and the planet! Plant-based food for meat-eaters and vegans alike. Chef crafted, delicious, and full of flavors and tex...

  • Michelle Cehn's World of Vegan!

    6 items

    Michelle Cehn is a vegan crusader working to inspire positive change through her delicious recipes, educational resources, and relatable videos. She is the founder of the popular food and lifestyle website World of Vegan, the creative force behind @Vegan on instagram (where she has built a commun...

  • What Your Spicy Vegans Eat in a Day!

    Your Spicy Vegans are an adorable couple who've been together for ages. What's their secret? They cook together, the eat together, they walk the dogs together. It's togetherness... and a delicious daily feast. Find out what this super-fit duo eat in one day. You will be amazed... and inspired!


  • Make Lemon Meringue Pie with The Vintage Veg

    Laura Crotty takes you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane as she veganizes classic meals from the past.... like this absolutely luscious Lemon Meringue Pie recipe. The Vintage Veg demonstrates how truly wonderful and delicious plant-based foods can be. Each episode features a retro-inspired dis...

  • Billie Lee Makes Penne Bolognese

    Billie Lee is working on a new book. Meanwhile, the proud trans actress from Vanderpump Rules, knows how to whip up a mouthwatering Italian pasta with Impossible Foods vegan ground "beef" made from plants. That means this dish has zero cholesterol and is 100% cruelty-free. By the way, this meatle...

  • Healthy Living with Chef AJ

    11 items

    Chef AJ offers delicious solutions to your weight battle. Transform your life with mouthwatering dishes. You will not know that they are healthier and lower in calories and fat!

  • The Raving Correspondent

    Watch Vanessa Marsot win over 5 very skeptical dudes, who fight to be unimpressed with Vanessa's fabulous vegan dishes, even as their tastebuds cry out for more, please. Vanessa Marsot is a licensed psychotherapist and Yale graduate who uses her culinary and psychological skills to win people ove...

  • Professional Bodybuilder Will Tucker''s Go-To Smoothie

    Says Will Tucker, "After being vegetarian for 5yrs, I worked to go animal free to see how my recovery would be. It improved so much... I never looked back." What drives him?
    "To show the world you don’t need to consume animal products to be your best." What does he see as the biggest advantages o...

  • Pasta Dish to Rap About

    Rapper CEO Fields is a brilliant artist and has a flair for fast and fabulous dishes. This pasta dish is SO easy but incredibly tasty. You've got to try it!

  • Superfood Goddess Makes Chickpea "Tuna" Salad

    Superfood Goddess Stephanie Bosco shows us how to make tuna salad without fish! Tastes the same but better for us, the oceans... and the fish!

  • One Great Vegan

    11 items

    Gabrielle Reyes, aka One Great Vegan, has been featured across major media, from the New York Times to CNN to Access Hollywood! She is famous for singing her recipes! It's a hoot and you have to check it out. And, Gabrielle and her hubby Ace Anderson, make up GRACE, a creative musical duo who fou...

  • Chef Jason Wrobel

    6 items

    Jason Wrobel, aka J-Wro, is a tattooed Polish Puerto Rican vegan chef and wellness guru from Detroit with a love for cars, cats, and cacao. Hay House author of "Eaternity" and TV host of "How to Live to 100" on Cooking Channel.

  • Plant-Based In the Burbs!

    8 items

    Fitness trainer Sherri Johnson & Paige Parsons Roache may, at first glance, look like your average suburban soccer moms. But, these 2 plant-based powerhouses are on a mission. They want to turn America's burbs vegan! Sherri and Paige whip up extraordinary dishes that look and taste like your fave...

  • The UNcooking Show with Chef Doreet

    3 items

  • New Day New Chef

    3 seasons

    The Award-Winning Vegan Cooking Show

  • Lissa's Raw Food Romance

    4 items

    Raw Food Romance is all about the love of raw food! Whether you are a full 80/10/10 or Raw till 4 or even just want to incorporate more raw food into your life! Daily inspirations and affirmations, videos and love to help you stay on the veggie wagon!

  • Your Spicy Vegans

    4 items

    Spicy Vegans, Sheri, and Derek live to inspire a healthy lifestyle. They share their positive mindset practices, vegan recipes, exercise, juicing, self-care, and their blueprint for an amazing relationship.

  • Olive Wood Vegan

    5 items

    Seriously, Katie White's recipes - her lasagna and chocolate peanut butter cake - will have you trying to dive through the screen to devour these delectable dishes. But, she shows you exactly how to make them at home! Known as Olive Wood Vegan, Katie is also a spectacular singer/guitarist whose s...

  • Golden Harvest Greens & Grain Bowl!

    Chef Dani Janzen shows us how to make a hearty, yet heavenly, bowl that's perfect for fall, winter, spring and - yes - even summer weather! Lindsey Baker brings us Golden Harvest!

  • Susan Pratt Cooks Vegan

    3 items

    Susan Pratt: She's the mom of a young daughter and based in gorgeous Vancouver, Canada. Susan is taking veganism to the next level by showing us cutting edge fashion and whipping up extraordinary dishes that look and taste like comfort food but renew your body and spirit!

  • Cook...OUT

    2 items

    Cookouts don't have to be limited to burgers and hot dogs. On Cook...OUT, LA vegan chef Karen La Cava whips up gourmet dishes outside. Cooking outside is invigorating and fun. No need to go camping to Cook...OUT. Just step outside to a deck, a stoop, your backyard or even your street! Hope this i...

  • Those Vegan Chefs

    7 items

    Julie Van Dam started working in the food industry early in her life. Mostly as a quick and easy way of making money, it eventually turned into a career. After working in and running some of the top fine dining restaurants in San Francisco, Julie took a much-needed break to raise a family. Soon ...

  • VeganSoulicious

    8 items

    Her voice, her look, her take... it will make you say: I'll have what she's having! And, what Charlise Rookwood, aka VeganSoulicious, is having is... delicious, nutritious, mesmerizing vegan food for the soul! Check her out.

  • Lunchbreak LIVE

    40 items

    Check out the "Best Of" LunchbreakLIVE, one of the most original cooking shows ever. Each day somebody cooks a vegan meal in their kitchen. Even though there was no advance planning, for 5 years there were almost no repeat recipes. That is proof that vegan cooking is incredibly versatile. There a...