The Wicked Kitchen

The Wicked Kitchen

Wicked Kitchen is on a mission to unleash the mighty power of plants! Watch the ingenious Derek Sarno whip up crave-able, flavor-first, sustainable foods that are better for you and the planet! Plant-based food for meat-eaters and vegans alike. Chef crafted, delicious, and full of flavors and textures for people who love to eat well and eat better.

The Wicked Kitchen
  • Garlic "Butter" Mushrooms: OMG!

    This mouth-watering dish is 100% dairy-free and yet SO buttery! Check out Derek Sarno in the kitch. Visit for more.

  • Firecracker Coleslaw: Wow!

    There's coleslaw and then there's Derek Sarno's wickedly delish SLAW! Learn his astounding techniques! For more,

  • Heavenly Nachos from Wicked Kitchen

    Wicked Kitchen's Nachos are to do for... SO DELISH. Learn how to make them with chef Derek Sarno. Visit for more.

  • 3 Mind Bending Mushrooms

    Sweet Chili, Mushroom Steak and Shroom BBQ from

  • Wicked Kitchen's Street Style Tofu

    Derek Sarno shows us how to make tofu into a sassy, hipster dish.

  • Wicked Kitchen's "Chicken" Stew

    The amazing Derek Sarno reveals his 15 minute "chicken" & sweet corn stew! Become a wickedly good chef!

  • Vegan Fried Clam Roll Magic

    Wicked Kitchen's Derek Sarno and London's Temple of Seitan chef/founder Rebecca McGuinness turn mushrooms into Fried Claims!

  • Fillet King Oyster Mushroom

    King Oyster Mushroom magic! Wicked Kitchen co-founder Derek Sarno works his magic on shrooms.

  • BBQ Pulled 'Duck'

    This is so meaty and BBQ-y and delish. But, it's not meat. Wicked Kitchen's Derek Sarno reveals the secret sauce!

  • Breakfast Scramble Tart

    A hearty breakfast can be 100% plant-based and still taste like an egg scramble! Wicked Kitchen's Derek Sarno shows us how!