Trying Vegan With Mario

Trying Vegan With Mario

Chef Mario Fabbri is on a mission to learn vegan cooking from the top vegan chefs and nutritionists in the world. His goal is to inspire people to be more aware of where their food is coming from, and eat in a more environmentally conscious way. Trying Vegan with Mario is a breakthrough show where you will learn fabulous recipes from the likes of HotForFood's Lauren Toyota and Avant Garden's Gaz Oakley. You'll also learn the secret to superfoods and weight loss from Dr. Joel Fuhrman who cooks up some oil-free delights. For more info, visit:

Trying Vegan With Mario
  • Cashew Ginger Wasabi Stir Fry and Zucchini Fritters

    Ginger wasabi cashew butter is the star ingredient in Mario's Asian Stir Fry. Also, learn how to make almond milk and Mario's Zucchini Fritters recipe.

    Yes, we said it. YOU can learn how to make your own almond milk. Take that Starbucks!

  • Vegan Bacon, Twizzlers and an Antioxidant Salad

    Vegan Bacon, Healthy Candy and an Antioxidant Salad are all on the menu. Mario's special guest is @diningwithdevyn.

  • Avocado Toast Contest with Avantgarde Vegan

    Avocado Toast. The phrase has been co-opted by cynics who want to make fun of the hipster lifestyle. Well, guess what! Avocado Toast is actually quite tasty and good for you! So, let's enjoy this contest and may the toastiest chef win! There's a whole peaceful army of vegan chefs on this episode,...

  • Hearty Italian Vegan Cheese

    Chef Mario teaches you about air frying cauliflower with less oil to create crispy textures that are also much less fattening. Mario also introduces a new vegan cheese to his kitchen with a delicious Italian recipe. Deliziosa!!!!

  • Buffalo Cauliflower Wings with Lauren Toyota!

    Mario trades chicken wings for cauliflower wings. He's joined by the Queen of Vegan Comfort Food, Lauren Toyota of @hotforfood. Mario also teaches us a cauliflower rice risotto recipe.

  • Lentil Loaf and the Stretchiest Vegan Cheese

    Famous vegan chef Gaz Oakley, @avantgardevegan on Instagram, joins Mario to teach a technique for the stretchiest vegan cheese. Recipes include a Lentil Loaf and Jackfruit Vegan Meatballs.

  • Incredible Indian Food with Krewella

    World renowned DJ duo, Krewella, teaches Mario Fabbri their Umami Healing Soup recipe. Mario surprises Krewella with a decadent veganized version of Pistachio Mango Kulfi dessert.

  • How Not to Die!

    Dr. Michael Greger's best-selling book, How Not To Die, is a must-read for anyone who would like to stay alive. Presumably, that's all of us. So, Chef Mario has skipped ahead a couple of chapters to bring us some How Not To Die recipes from the famous book of the same name. Watch and live to tell...

  • 5 Ingredient Vegan Recipes

    Mario makes 3 vegan recipes under 15 minutes. Smashed Broccoli, Energy Cookies and lastly Berry Chia Jelly recipe.

  • Chickpea Recipes with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

    Don't sell chickpeas short! They are awesome! And, did you know you can turn chickpeas into popcorn? Whaaaaat???

    Eat to Live author, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, talks about how he has reversed heart disease and diabetes in his patients with a plant-based diet. Recipes include: Italian Chickpea Popcorn...

  • Dr. Fuhrman Makes Vegetables Taste Amazing

    Eat to Live author, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, teaches Mario how to make vegetables taste amazingly delicious by using his unique stir fry recipe. For dessert, Mario shares a recipe for Banana Nice Cream.

    Dr, Fuhrman is one of the world's leading plant-based doctors and a best-selling author. He also has...

  • The Art of Dehydration

    Mario teaches you about some of the newest kitchen technology and explains the health advantages of dehydration. Later, he's visited by nutrition expert, Lisa Karlan, and she gives us her take on Tofu Scramble.

  • Black Bean Burgers with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

    Dr. Joel Fuhrman joins Mario to talk about super-healthy comfort food that actually helps you loose weight. No, it's not too good to be true. It's plant-based, guilt-free eating! Recipes include Black Bean Avocado Burgers and Cashew Coleslaw.

    Do yourself a favor and order one of Dr. Fuhrman's li...

  • Cupcakes and Smoothies

    Get ready for Jillian! She's a one-woman tornado of vegan tips, all designed to help you whip up spectacular sweets, from cupcakes to smoothies. A strawberry pancake smoothie sounds sooooo good right about now. Let's do this! For more, visit:

  • Mediterranean Food! Wow!

    It's actually the fact that the Mediterranean Diet is mostly plant-based that makes it so healthy. Put another way, the whole food, plant-based diet is actually the healthiest diet on the planet. Guest chef, Jason, is the private chef to an NBA player and he share recipes for staying in great sha...

  • Chef Mario Reveals Cooking Secrets

    Mario Fabbri is a charismatic and brilliant vegan chef who is the host of Trying Vegan with Mario, a 22-episode, plant-based cooking series now streaming on UnchainedTV. Mario - who has 60K IG followers @marioFabbriChef - brings on a series of top vegan chefs, like Lauren Toyota, and top vegan do...