Healthy Living with Chef AJ

Healthy Living with Chef AJ

Chef AJ offers delicious solutions to your weight battle. Transform your life with mouthwatering dishes. You will not know that they are healthier and lower in calories and fat!

Healthy Living with Chef AJ
  • Chef AJ: From Obese Junk Food Addict to Healthy Cooking Queen!

    A chef, culinary instructor, and professional speaker, she is the author of the popular book Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight, which chronicles her journey from an obese junk-food vegan faced with a diagnosis of pre-cancerous polyps, to learning how to create foods...

  • Chef AJ's secret to decadent desserts

    Chef AJ has been devoted to a plant-based diet for over 43 years. One of her specialties? Desserts: pies, cakes, puddings... you name it. All are sugar-free but absolutely sweet and delicious! Dates are one of her secrets. Learn how to deploy dates to deliciousness in this video. This phenomenal ...

  • OMG...Wait for It!

    This strawberry pie is worth the wait. SO incredibly delicious! The best dessert ever invented! And, it's good for you! for more

  • Potato Pizza & "Cheese"cake

    Join Jane Velez-Mitchell and Lori Alan for a special "live" edition of the award-winning, vegan cooking show, "New Day New Chef". Chef AJ, creates an impressive Double Potato Panini Pizza that will spike your potato cravings and a decadent Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake that will leave you beggi...

  • Weight Loss Recipes w Instant Pot!

    Yes, have great meals and desserts and take off all the excess weight! Chef AJ lost 50 pounds before she became a health guru. for more.

  • Sugar-Free Desserts for Weight Loss!

    These delicious desserts arre 100% guilt-free. They have no processed sugar! Yet, they are amazingly delicious. Chef AJ teaches us!

  • Instant Pot Heaven Awaits

    Chef AJ talks about the miracle of Instant Pot cooking and how it can change your life.

  • Prevent a Heart Attack - Chef AJ

    Recipes to prevent getting a heart attack! Chef AJ talks to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, physician, author & director of the Heart Disease Reversal Program at the Cleveland Clinic. for more.

  • Plant-Based Iron Man Triathlete!

    I'll have what he's having.. and you can too! for more.

  • Blend it Baby!

    Plant-based cooking is such fun! Get your blend on with this life-changing episode from

  • Healthy Chili, Burgers & Shakes

    You don't have to give up your fave comfort foods! Here's how to make the most decadent delights healthy! for more.

  • Pad Thai & Chocolate Cup Cakes!

    And, it's all heart-healthy, zero cholesterol and absolutely delish! No sacrifice! for more.

  • Hey Doc! Why Plant-Based?

    Doctors who've gone plant-based say they had to figure it out themselves! Medical school is not big on nutrition training or disease prevention. But, we'll show you how and why it works!