The UNcooking Show with Chef Doreet

The UNcooking Show with Chef Doreet

The UNcooking Show with Chef Doreet
  • How to Make a Nutritious & Delicious Living Cheese Board

    Most people find the hardest part of going vegan is to give up cheese. But, you don't have to! Vegan cheese is here and it's getting ever more sophisticated and delicious. Now, you can make your own raw, vegan cheeses! Watch and follow along with Doreet on the Uncooking show, You'll be whipping u...

  • Is It Soup Yet?

    Doreet is one of America's leading raw, vegan chefs! Soup never sounded or tasted this exciting! Wow! Rock out with this superfood spectacular.

  • Mushroom Gravy, Dips & Dressings!

    Doreet, Mistress of the Raw Kitchen, brings us totally rawsome sides and dressings on the UNcooking show! Are you ready to Shroom it?

  • Champignon Tartare with Nuts!

    Doreet's UNcooking show features this gourmet dish...along with vegan pâté... magnifique!