One Great Vegan

One Great Vegan

Gabrielle Reyes, aka One Great Vegan, has been featured across major media, from the New York Times to CNN to Access Hollywood! She is famous for singing her recipes! It's a hoot and you have to check it out. And, Gabrielle and her hubby Ace Anderson, make up GRACE, a creative musical duo who found love in art and performance. Popular content creators, @OneGreatVegan & @AceShotThat, they've launched "Blessed by Grace" as their debut album. Visit

One Great Vegan
  • If You Need Some Inspiration!

    Ace Anderson & Gabrielle Reyes sing it out during these surreal times! Fantastic lyrics that will snap you out of a funk or just make you even happier! We All Have the Power!

  • Sizzle Reel - Chef Gabrielle Reyes

  • Blessed By Grace!

    Gabrielle Reyes and Ace Anderson riff on achieving one's potential and one's dreams while remaining compassionate and having lots of fun! For more,

  • Intermittent Fasting

    Gabrielle Reyes & Ace Anderson (@Aceshotthat) explain the joys and benefits of intermittent fasting! For more, visit OneGreatVegan,com

  • Jamaican Stuffed Sweet Potato

    Gabrielle Reyes, aka One Great Vegan, makes magic with sweet potatoes! Sing it, girl! And, get more of her fabo recipes on and

  • Veggie Coconut Curry!

    This spectacular curry dish is something to sing about and Gabrielle Reyes does sing the recipe! Watch and be delighted. For more, visit

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars!

    Damn, these look good. And, SOOO easy to make. Nobody's ever had as much fun cooking as Gabrielle Reyes! For more deliciousness, visit

  • Country Fried Chickrooms

    It's better than fried chicken and zero cholesterol! @OneGreatVegan Gabriel Reyes sings while she cooks!

  • Beyond Layered Lasagna!

    Lasagna to sing about! Gabrielle Reyes of @OneGreatVegan rocks this classic Italian dish in the kitch with a plant-based twist.