Olive Wood Vegan

Olive Wood Vegan

Seriously, Katie White's recipes - her lasagna and chocolate peanut butter cake - will have you trying to dive through the screen to devour these delectable dishes. But, she shows you exactly how to make them at home! Known as Olive Wood Vegan, Katie is also a spectacular singer/guitarist whose soulful music videos will leave you hungry for more. For more, visit olivewoodvegan.com.

Olive Wood Vegan
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake! Wow!

    Watch musical artist/chef Katie White create this delectable peanut butter cake! Amazing! For more, visit olivewoodvegan.com.

  • Eggplant Lasagna W Cauliflower Cheese

    Olivewoodvegan.com's Katie White makes amazing, plant-based lasagna that's more delicious than meat versions with zero cholesterol and lower carbon price tag.

  • Balsamic Caramelized Tomatoes

    Olivewoodvegan.com's Katie White makes caramelized tomatoes that are SO easy and SO delicious. Fast and fabulous!

  • Now THIS is Gravy

    Olivewoodvegan.com's Katie White shows you how to make bold, rich, delicious, homemade gravy. Earthy flavors that will transform your gravy into the star of your next dish.

  • My Name Is 106

    Katie White's musical tribute to a being who had no name, just a number. Watch this song and you will be changed forever. Learn more about Katie at: olivewoodvegan.com.