Plant-Based Products -  Streamed for Educational Purposes Only

Plant-Based Products - Streamed for Educational Purposes Only

There's a whole new world of plant-based product lines rising up, from food to fashion, from health to automative materials! And, this new trend is growing SO fast, it's impossible to keep up. UnchainedTV is showcasing these products because it's all fascinating and, they argue, they offer better alternatives than standard or traditional options that use animal parts. We are streaming videos that showcase new plant-based products for educational purposes only. We are not recommending any particular products. Please consult experts, like medical doctors, before embarking on any new health regimens.

Plant-Based Products -  Streamed for Educational Purposes Only
  • Meat with ZERO Animals! How?

    Paleo makes bio-identical meat without any animal ingredients or animal cell cultures! How? Find out as this revolutionary product is poised to explode and save the planet!

  • Fish Without Fish

    Anne Palermo, the CEO, and co-founder of Aqua Cultured Foods, a leading future food startup in the alt-protein space joins Jane Velez-Mitchell on UnchainedTV's Video Podcast to discuss how cultured foods are changing the seafood market.


  • Can Cultured Meat Save the Planet?

    Can cultured meat, with no animals killed, save the planet? UnchainedTV the Video Podcast goes live to discuss cultured meat and the future of food and animal agriculture by talking to the pioneer behind Atelier Meats. The company's motto is: "It's time to reshape the global food system." While n...

  • The Secret to the Success of Mrs. Goldfarb's Unreal Deli

    Jenny Goldfarb is a brilliant entrepreneur with a huge heart. Growing up with a rich family tradition of deli food, she went vegan for the animals. Then, she found herself craving a classic New York deli sandwich. So, she decided to make a pastrami sandwich, but make it 100% plant-based! It was s...

  • Just Egg: Why It's Just Like Eating Eggs

    "I could never give up eggs!" We've all heard it. Now, you don't have to. Just switch to Just Egg. This plant-based egg alternative is so eggy, you will do a double take. In this video, journalist, documentary filmmaker and founder Donny Moss shows us his fave way to use Just Egg to...

  • Ahiflower Omega Supplement

    1 season

    Each Ahiflower bloom produces up to four seeds. These seeds are freshly expeller-pressed. to produce what the company says is a "complete and balanced omega-rich oil with a higher quality and higher quantity of omegas than any other seed oil ever discovered." The company adds, "Studies show tha...