Folk music, and later rock music, fueled the antiwar movement and transformed a political issue into a massive cultural phenomenon. Similarly, we hope music will propel us into another cultural shift towards nonviolence.

  • Kindness Town

    Kindness Town is a musical short film that tells the story of a group of puppets who learn what they are made of, and decide to make some changes. "We might not be able to change the whole world, but we can change our little part of it." Special appearance by world famous puppeteer Sid Krofft.

  • Contagious!

    Singer, songwriter, activist, dancer Inanna uses her words and her movements to make us think and feel differently! Contagious is a call for unity and harmony. We are greater than the sum of our parts. But, we are living in a time of deep divisions and tribalism where we often yell AT each other,...

  • Texas Is Going Vegan

    Texas Is Going Vegan was performed by Renee King-Sonnen and Jane Velez-Mitchell on location at the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Texas, surrounded by cows rescued from the horrors of factory farming. Renee and Jane had been on their own self-styled Texas Vegan Tour, which took them from VegFests to cam...

  • Charity Kahn

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    Charity Kahn is a mother, songwriter, musician, teaching artist and the founder of Charity and the JAMband, JAMboodas, and JAMcamp. She's been singing and dancing with children and families since the inception of JAM in 2001, shortly after she became a mom.

    What started in her living room as a m...

  • Darren Mark Edwards

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    This musician, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter is - more than anything else - a fierce protector of animals. HIs musical plea to spare the lives of animals is a hard-driving rock manifesto. Darren Mark Edwards doesn't hold back. He tells it just like it is... or - at least - how it should be. F...

  • Hero Music Video

    Do you have a hero inside of you? A hero for the animals, perhaps? A hero for the planet? A hero for hungry children? Let this incredible music video take you where it will. What heroism will you discover inside of yourself? Thanks to the amazing, creative, duo of Gabrielle Reyes, aka One Great V...

  • Compost Y'All

    Composting, and going plant-based, are two great ways to drastically lower your carbon footprint. But, lots of folks have no clue as to how to begin their compost journey. The hardest part is always that first step. So, to make it easy and fun, watch this short music video and you can be on your ...

  • Inanna
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    6 items

    INANNA is a singer, belly dancer, environmentalist & animal advocate of Italian origins.

    Inanna reinvents environmentalist music in an eco-alternative-pop project dedicated to the Earth and all its landscapes and life-forms, through mesmerizing future-oriented pieces. Inanna's music is not just ...

  • Be Kind Already

    This song was written by UnchainedTV founder jane Velez-Mitchell, who worked in mainstream media for decades where she tried to convince people that exploiting and killing animals for food, fashion, experimentation and entertainment was morally wrong and would come back to haunt the human race. T...

  • Plastic Free Party

    Yes to plant-based partying. No to plastic! Yes to composting. No to disposable. Reusable = YES. Let's get rid of the paper napkins too! PARTAAYYY for the planet. Thank you Bye Bye Plastic for this catchy party anthem!

  • Roundup Blues: The Special Interests

    Brought to us by The Special Interests, the Roundup Blues encapsulates, in one clever song, why our food system is so messed up. And, why we are all paying the price in a variety of ways from a devastated planet, exploited animals and sick humans.

  • Country Singer Simone Reyes

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    Simone Reyes is a country singer and renowned animal rescuer. Don't tell anybody but... she was born and raised in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. But, the country always crooned to her. She got out of the Big Apple, moved to LA and has never looked back. Now a woman of the canyon, she is croonin...

  • Red Trailer @ Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

    Country singer and cattle rancher's wife turned vegan animal activist Renee King-Sonnen wrote this song for her friends... the cows of Texas. Visit:

  • Lila Rose

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    Her music has been featured in 30+ hit TV shows and trailers. This “super hero for the planet” weaves dramatic soundscapes with important messages about the state of our world.

    This Canadian/German, LA-based, singer, songwriter, producer, filmmaker and activist isn’t afraid to walk the edge in ...

  • Jemima - Vegan Singer/Songwriter

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    Jemima is one of growing list of talented singer/songwriters who happen to be vegan. Now, that doesn't mean every song Jemima produces is about going meatless. Au contraire, these songs don't talk about it. But, neither will you see couples eating hot dogs or ice cream. Can you spot the subtle hi...

  • Lovespirals

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    Ryan and Anji are a 50-something So Cal married couple who have produced content as Happy Healthy Vegan since 2013, promoting health, fitness, and the protection of animals and our environment. They are very popular and active on social media. They also often appear at local vegan events. Anji ha...

  • Luke De Sciscio

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    Luke De Sciscio is not afraid to reveal himself. He's no macho but that makes him even more attractive.

  • Vegolution

    Anyone can be a hero for the animals simply by leaving them off their plates. We are reminded today of the great work @animalherokids do and how inspiring they are for other kids and adults alike! What better start than today, on World Vegan Day, to make the switch to a more compassionate life "F...

  • How Did You Know

    This music video is one of the most powerful 3 minutes you will ever witness. Sucely Montoya and Jonathan Ohayon bring us this original song. Drawing by Bel Comotto.

  • Hilarious... and True

    A one man barbershop quartet with a message that will curl your hair. Dave Santucci belts out his truth!

  • R U a Nu Human?

    A thought provoking video from The Wake Up Experience!

  • Ledouu Song: why to GO VEGAN

    (Press CC for Captions)
    LEDOUU raps it like it is... all the best arguments to go vegan... and it rhymes! Wow! Listen and get the kind of energy he has.

  • If You Need Some Inspiration!

    Ace Anderson & Gabrielle Reyes sing it out during these surreal times! Fantastic lyrics that will snap you out of a funk or just make you even happier! We All Have the Power!