INANNA is a singer, belly dancer, environmentalist & animal advocate of Italian origins.

Inanna reinvents environmentalist music in an eco-alternative-pop project dedicated to the Earth and all its landscapes and life-forms, through mesmerizing future-oriented pieces. Inanna's music is not just music: it is a movement, an alliance, it is activism itself. Her passion for nature, animals, alternative & Middle Eastern music has given life to a unique and genre-bending ethno-alternative sound.

The interactions between humans, technology, animals and nature are witnessed, and given a voice, bringing a hopeful message for possible futures on Earth. Inanna is the voice of the future of nature.

Inanna's music is a contemporary cathartic spell of an enchantress, of a cyber-priestess standing between Nature and Culture, light & dark, old & new, feminine & masculine. Her mission is to deliver, through enchanting soundscapes and an innovative mixture of ancient and contemporary beats, a message of reverence for the Earth and all Earthlings. She witnesses darkness, simultaneously shaping brighter visions of the future in a time where everything seems to be slipping through our hands.

Earth is what unites us all: it is our home. Inanna lends a voice to the natural world in the age of the Anthropocene, to animals in the age of massive animal exploitation, to empathetic perspectives in politics and society to take better care of our planet.

If nature had a voice, what would she sing?

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  • A History of the Future

    It was when music entered the scene that the anti-war movement of the 60's and the 70's went from a political issue to a cultural phenomenon. Music is a crucial part of any social justice movement as it appeals to people on a deeper level than intellect. Now, thanks to Inanna and her amazing team...

  • Are We Vampires?

    Inanna's latest music video asks if humans are mere exploiters and takers, but then changes to celebrate all the admirable things we can be: storytellers, creators, peace-makers, Givers...

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