Country Singer Simone Reyes

Country Singer Simone Reyes

Simone Reyes is a country singer and renowned animal rescuer. Don't tell anybody but... she was born and raised in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. But, the country always crooned to her. She got out of the Big Apple, moved to LA and has never looked back. Now a woman of the canyon, she is crooning her country-heart out high above WEHO. When she's not getting done up in outfits fit for the Grand Ole Opry, she's rescuing animals. That's how Reyes ended up as a cast member in a television first! She appeared in Pig Little Lies, streaming on - you guessed it - UnchainedTV. This is the world's first reality TV series starring.... pigs. Dante and Beatrice escape from a high-kill shelter and find a home near the Hollywood sign. Gotta watch to see what happens next. Pig Little Lies is on this network under: Series. For more about Simone Reyes, visit:

Country Singer Simone Reyes
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