Mini Docs

  • KITTENGATE End Climate Carnism Video (HD) with Captions

    A new Beyond Carnism satire asks, "why chicken and not kitten?" "Climate leaders" serve meat—which has higher emissions than plant-based protein. So why not serve kittens? For more,

  • Dying of Thirst... Until Heroes Step In

    Watch gutsy, caring Californians undertake a risky nighttime mission to save Elk dying of thirst because our government caters to the dairy industry over innocent wildlife! Help:

  • Whales Without Walls

    This 5-minute mini-doc will completely change the way you look at whales and dolphins. In the wild, Orcas can travel a hundred miles a day. They have closer relationships with their family members than most humans and their grey matter is more complex than humans. All this to say... keeping them ...

  • Billy the Elephant: A Short Film

    This brilliant, short, animated film tells the story of Billy the elephant. It's not fiction. Billy really exists... at the Los Angeles Zoo.

  • BIPOC Say Don't Bulldoze Ballona

    BIPOC leaders held a news conference to say: don't bulldoze LA's Ballona Wetlands! Cesar Chavez's great grand-niece says greedy developers/industries hide behind minority communities.

  • Eyes (Short Film)

    A short, but fascinating, look into a group of people that join together in the meatpacking district of downtown Los Angeles. For more:

  • Guardians of Life (Film)

    This very short film, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Rosario Dawson, Matthew Modine, Oona Chaplin, Adria Arjona, Albert Hammond, Jr. and Q'Orianka Kilcher has to be watched to the very end. Written and directed by Shaun Monson, a Nation Earth production in partnership with Amazon Watch and Extinction ...

  • Deep Fried Fingers

    Daniel Greenway's darkly comical animated short film will forever change your life!

  • The Vegan Business Talks

    This multilingual look at Europe's skyrocketing vegan food sector shows that transitioning to alternative proteins & plant-based milks is key to solving the climate crisis:

  • They've Opened Their Hearts

    Join this worldwide movement of compassion and evolution to nonviolence! This Sydney, Australia march is part of a global movement. Thanks to Andrew Alexander.

  • The Lingerie Protest

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  • The Humane Research and Testing Act

    Millions of animals are tortured yearly for useless medical/scientific "research." Now, a new bill will bring research into the 21st Century. Help animals! Send a letter here: Takes a second.


    When it comes to fashion, fur is finally going the way of medieval torture devices... it's in the circular file of history. Most major fashion designers and department stores have given up fur... finally. But, there's still plenty of room for improvement in the fashion world. Cruelty is commonpla...

  • Save The Asian Elephants

  • You Can Help...

    The talented and passionate filmmaker Andrew Alexander is making a film about creating a vegan world. He needs our help! Donate here:

  • Art Scene Meets Vegan Food

    Wellington, New Zealand's Cuba Street is famous as one of the world's hottest art scenes. It's also now famous for delish vegan food.'s short film is like a vacation.

  • Nong Nooch – A Modern Horror Story

    Experts explain why tourists should never pay for any entertainment or rides that involve animals. Elephants are often brutalized. Learn more at:

  • The Elephants of Nong Nooch

  • Yes Animals Escape!

    This riveting video shows just how much animals, who are considered by some to be mere products, desperately want to live. And, these escapes reveal their intelligence. To get involved, visit

  • Arctic Wildlife Threatened

    Extract of Michael Harris’ documentary 'Refuge' about the Arctic Refuge Defense Campaign ( to protect the Arctic from oil exploitation threatening Caribou and Polar bears.

  • Dairyman Blues

    Director Michael Harris interviews residents from Yakima County, Washington, complaining about industrialized dairy farms that are polluting the air and water with their manure.

  • Who Is Being Mourned At This Funeral?

    Every year, on the first Sunday in June, in cities around the world, people gather to take part in a dramatic memorial service for... animals. It's called National Animal Rights Day and it's a visually stunning ceremony with a point. Sometimes, the participants are holding the bodies of animals w...

  • Time To Act

    When we see suffering and injustice we have a moral obligation not to turn away and ignore it, but to get closer, face it and see if we can help. That is the basis of The Save Movement. Visit to get involved. They need YOU!

  • What Is a Save Vigil Anyway?

    The Save Movement was founded on the philosophy of Leo Tolstoy, a great novelist and thinker. Tolstoy said that when you see suffering or injustice, you have a moral obligation to NOT turn away but to get closer, see if you can help. And, even if you cannot help, bear witness. There is a power in...