Climate & Sustainability

Climate & Sustainability

Extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme storms... no, it's not your imagination: Climate change is here... and it's going to get worse. However, we are not pure, innocent victims. We're the ones who created this situation. We can all take steps to slow and even reverse climate change. The most effective thing we can do 3 times a day is to eat a plant-based diet. A vegan diet has a much lower emissions price tag than a meat/dairy diet. We can also reduce our consumption, avoid plastics, use recycled and compostable products whenever possible and avoid disposable products. Yes, reducing air travel and driving more efficiently and/or less also helps. Once you get started, you'll find a sustainable lifestyle is actually a lot of fun. And, when you forgo things like paper towels and switch to reusable cloth towels, you'll save money too. So, let's get started!

Climate & Sustainability
  • Consider This a Nudge.. to Do The Right Thing!

    If you need a little nudge to help save the planet... this video is for you.

    People often defend their bad habits as a personal choice. Well, everything you do is a personal choice. But, meat eating is not just a personal choice because animal agriculture is destroying our planet. It's a leadin...

  • The Animated Animal Climate Controversy

    Dr. Sailesh Rao of Climate Healers, a systems engineer who has worked for some of the biggest tech companies, has written a white paper, that has been peer reviewed and published in a scientific journal, showing how animal agriculture is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions and how endin...

  • Vegan Earth Day March

    Earth Day is April 22nd. But, in 2023, Earth Day included the Vegan Earth Day March... in 50 cities around the world. Cinematographer/editor Nigel Duarte provides this magical, mystical look at one Vegan Earth Day March in Santa Monica, California as hundreds gathered to walk to the Santa Monica ...

  • The Animal Climate Controversy

    What is the leading cause of climate change? You hear SO much about fossil fuels. But, what about animal agriculture? The figures vary. This explainer reveals how, depending on how its calculated, there's a strong argument to be made that animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change....

  • Compost Y'All

    Composting, and going plant-based, are two great ways to drastically lower your carbon footprint. But, lots of folks have no clue as to how to begin their compost journey. The hardest part is always that first step. So, to make it easy and fun, watch this short music video and you can be on your ...

  • Plastic Free Party

    Yes to plant-based partying. No to plastic! Yes to composting. No to disposable. Reusable = YES. Let's get rid of the paper napkins too! PARTAAYYY for the planet. Thank you Bye Bye Plastic for this catchy party anthem!

  • Save Our Future!

    This entertaining cartoon sums up, in a minute and a half, what is ailing our planet and how YOU can help heal it.

  • Envision Festival

    Here's how the folks at Envision describe their festival: "Envision's mission is to create an eye-opening experience that turns us onto a new form of living; a new way to be inspired. To provide tools that can be integrated into the life we are already living or to inspire a complete shift in our...

  • Countdown to Year Zero

    We only have a few years left before we reach the point of no return, so what can you do about it? Watch this award-winning film produced by Jane Velez-Mitchell and find out! The clock is ticking.

  • NFT Boutique in Tulum, Mexico

    NFTs. The acronym is everywhere it seems. But, what exactly are non-fungible tokens and what do they have to do with this sought-after Mexican vacation resort? Find out as filmmaker Roland Marconi explores Tulum.

  • People's Climate March 2017

    The People's Climate March hit Washington DC in the spring of 2017. But, were the people's representatives paying attention? Face it. Our government is not only NOT doing what it needs to do to reverse climate change. It is actually accelerating the climate disaster with its policies that support...

  • Actor James Cromwell Vows to Stop LA's Ballona Wetlands Bulldozing!

    Succession actor James Cromwell told a packed crowd that he is very much opposed to the plan to bulldoze LA's Ballona Wetlands and believes it will be stopped! 1,700 species live there. Visit

  • BIPOC Say Don't Bulldoze Ballona

    BIPOC leaders held a news conference to say: don't bulldoze LA's Ballona Wetlands! Cesar Chavez's great grand-niece says greedy developers/industries hide behind minority communities.

  • Climate March Voices

    Yes, it's now been about a decade since this climate march occurred. And, yet, the problem is only getting worse. So, where's the disconnect? Filmmaker Roland Marconi captures this moment in time. We are now closer than ever to the climate apocalypse. Who can stop it? Should we wait for governmen...