Talk Shows

Talk Shows

UnchainedTV focuses on the most important issues of our times, issues being overlooked by the mainstream. But, they are being ignored at our own peril. Mixed in with these videotaped conversations are answers to the most challenging problems we face today. So, sit back and take a listen.

Talk Shows
  • Main Street Vegan Salon with Victoria Moran

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  • Action Hour

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    Whether it's a look at the Vegan Everest Boot Camp or uncovering the horrors of wild horse slaughter, Lindsey Baker is on the case, digging, interviewing, probing.

  • Veganism, Science & Spirituality?

    In this episode of JIVINITI Connecting the Dots, host Nivi Jaswal discusses Science and Spirituality, and their connection with Veganism with guests, Dr. Faraz Harsini MSc, PhD and Daraius Dubash MBA, MEM from Allied Scholars for Animal Protection (ASAP). Dr. Faraz Harsini brings over a decade o...

  • Elysabeth Alfano's Plant Based Business Hour

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    Elysabeth Alfano is a successful businesswoman, a strategic consultant in the plant-based business arena and a keen investor. A graduate of Northwestern University and the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Elysabeth began her career working with Fortune 500 companies (IBM-Europe and The K...

  • Switch4Good Podcast

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    Switch4Good is a community of world class, dairy-free athletes. Follow our journey as we share the science, nutrition, and stories behind our dairy-free lifestyles, and learn why so many athletes are making the switch for good.

    In just the past few years, more athletes than ever are experimentin...

  • UnchainedTV Video Podcast

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    UnchainedTV offers you a new way of living. Our host, New York Times bestselling author as well as TV and social media journalist who heads, Jane Velez-Mitchell, helps you turn on the lightbulb and jump to the next phase of human evolution. There is a peaceful, joyous way of livin...

  • The Vegan View

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    The Vegan View is a talk show with a focus on ethics, health and climate change reversal. Talk shows the way they should be.... a Gen Z production.

  • VINE Sanctuary's In Context with Pattrice Jones

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    Pattrice Jones is an American eco-feminist, an author, educator and the co-founder of VINE Sanctuary in Springfield, Vermont. Vine is an LGBTQ-run farmed-animal sanctuary. Jones writes and lectures about animal rights from an intersectional approach. She helps others make the connection between s...