UnchainedTV Video Podcast

UnchainedTV Video Podcast

UnchainedTV offers you a new way of living. Our host, New York Times bestselling author as well as TV and social media journalist who heads UnchainedTV.com, Jane Velez-Mitchell, helps you turn on the lightbulb and jump to the next phase of human evolution. There is a peaceful, joyous way of living out there. The secret is simple: don’t look for peace, practice it in your daily choices. You might say, peace begins right on your plate. Tune in to UnchainedTV, live every Monday at 10 AM Pacific on UnchainedTV.

UnchainedTV Video Podcast
  • Meet Ocean Robbins of 31-Day Food Revolution!

    31-Day Food Revolution is a guide to liberation from a toxic food world. Author Ocean Robbins reveals the secrets the industrialized food industry doesn’t want people to know, how specific ingredients and methods could be making people sick, and what they can do about it. And he shows how to use ...

  • Meet Land of Ahimsa Cast

    The film follows Dolly Vyas-Ahuja on her journey to save her ancestral land. She is the granddaughter of a freedom fighter who worked with Mahatma Gandhi in his struggle for independence and social justice. She follows in his footsteps, advocating for a renewal of Ahimsa to solve India’s escalati...

  • Mercy for Animals Has Big News

    Get the latest breaking news on Mercy for Animals and its Transfarmation Project, helping farmers transition out of chicken factory farming and into growing hemp and other plant-based products, often using the same sheds. MFA’s CEO and President, Leah Garcés, will also bring us the latest on the ...

  • Animal Rights Enters the Courtroom!

    The Animal Activist Legal Defense Project, led by renowned attorney Carter Dillard, is now representing animal activists all over the United States. Recently, there was a fascinating legal summit unpacking the historic acquittal of two Direct Action Everywhere animal activists who faced over a de...

  • Meet Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur!

    Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur is inviting YOU to a fabulous, fun, Valentine's Day celebration on Saturday, February 11th at 1pm pacific at Farm Sanctuary's gorgeous Acton, California location, just 45 minutes from LA! The first caller will get 2 free tickets to the event! CALL IN: 866 472-5795. Mee...

  • Wild Horses Offered For Public Adoptions.

    The Canon City Co. wild horse holding facility will be open to the public for adoptions after being closed for 2 1/2 years. Photographer and Wild Horse advocate Carol Walker talks about how the public can participate in the adoptions; and how we can take measures to help end the horrific and deva...

  • 10 Million Black Vegan Women

    Best-selling author, nutritionist, and vegan trailblazer, Tracye McQuirter, has a new program to turn 10 million black women vegan. Visit 10millionblackveganwomen.org

  • Meet Plant Based In The Burbs Ladies.

    Fitness trainer Sherri Johnson & Paige Parsons Roache, two superstar activists/vegan chefs are #LIVE on Action Hour to share with us about their brand new series on #UnChainedTV, "Plant Based In The Burbs" The show focuses on delicious, healthy, simple vegan recipes, health and fitness tips and t...

  • Lion Ark: Go Behind the Scenes of Amazing Animal Action Movie!

    Lion Ark: this award-winning documentary feels more like an action movie, complete with secret missions, undercover operations, intelligence briefings, nerve-wracking confrontations, extremely dramatic rescues, and high-speed races against time. But, unlike most action movies, this plot revolves ...

  • PEELED Cooking Contest Winner Launches Vegan Lox Brand!

    Meet Nicole Derseweh. She a highly-trained chef with a genius for showing people how absolutely fabulous vegan gourmet can be. Now, she's launching her own brand of vegan lox.

  • Earthlings & Dominion Novelist Speaks to UnchainedTV!

    Ray is a multi-award-winning author from England. Her debut novels, Earthlings (The Beginning) and Dominion (Earthlings book 2) have gone on to become Amazon Best-Sellers in multiple categories and the final installment of the trilogy; Land of Hope and Glory (Earthlings book 3) is eagerly awaited...

  • Healthy Through the Ages!

    Dr. Shabnam Islam of vKind, Sherri Johnson of Plant-Based in the Burbs, and Beth Shaw of YogaFit join Jane Velez-Mitchell on UnchainedTV's video podcast to discuss how to stay healthy as we age with yoga, fitness & plant-based eating!

  • Breaking News! Victory Against Animal Abusers!

    Justin Goodman and Anthony Bellotti of White Coat Waste Project join Jane Velez-Mitchell on UnchainedTV’s Video Podcast to announce their huge victory in ending experiments on animals!

    Call in: 1-866-472-5795

  • Angela Yvonne of Vegan Pop Eats, Your Greenside Concierge!

    A passionate vegan, Angela uses her love of pop culture to invite people to explore and embrace the plant-based lifestyle through Vegan Pop Eats.

  • Fish Without Fish

    Anne Palermo, the CEO, and co-founder of Aqua Cultured Foods, a leading future food startup in the alt-protein space joins Jane Velez-Mitchell on UnchainedTV's Video Podcast to discuss how cultured foods are changing the seafood market.

    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/aquaculturedfoods

  • Tell the USDA: Fix Cruel, Outdated Transport for Farmed Animals!

    You’ve seen the trucks on the highway packed with pigs, chickens, or cows. In crowded trailers or stacked crates, animals suffer long journeys with no food or water while headed to slaughter. Their final hours are some of their most harrowing. Transport trucks are not designed to protect animals ...

  • Meat with ZERO Animals! How?

    Paleo makes bio-identical meat without any animal ingredients or animal cell cultures! How? Find out as this revolutionary product is poised to explode and save the planet!

  • Can Cultured Meat Save the Planet?

    Can cultured meat, with no animals killed, save the planet? UnchainedTV the Video Podcast goes live to discuss cultured meat and the future of food and animal agriculture.