Action Hour

Action Hour

Whether it's a look at the Vegan Everest Boot Camp or uncovering the horrors of wild horse slaughter, Lindsey Baker is on the case, digging, interviewing, probing.

Action Hour
  • Wild Horses Offered For Public Adoptions.

    The Canon City Co. wild horse holding facility will be open to the public for adoptions after being closed for 2 1/2 years. Photographer and Wild Horse advocate Carol Walker talks about how the public can participate in the adoptions; and how we can take measures to help end the horrific and deva...

  • Call For A Ban On Cruel Elephant Tourism

    Save the Asian Elephants has been pressuring elected officials to take urgent steps to end to cruel practices that stem from the use of Asian elephants in tourism and other entertainment venues. It appears that finally headway is being made. Learn how you can help ensure that the legislation is p...

  • Vegan Earth Day March

    It is 50+ years since the first Earth Day March took place on April 22 1970. Despite warnings from experts we are rapidly speeding towards an irreversible global climate disaster. Our guest is Sarina Farb who is co-founding the first Vegan Earth Day March on April 22, 2023. Many climate exper...

  • Amazon's Survival Will Determine Our Future

    The indigenous people of Yanomami are dying at alarming rates due to the effect of illegal wildcat gold mining. International demand for beef and soy incentivizes ranchers to clear the land for cattle ranching and soybean production. Data from Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research shows...

  • Meet Plant Based In The Burbs Ladies.

    Fitness trainer Sherri Johnson & Paige Parsons Roache, two superstar activists/vegan chefs are #LIVE on Action Hour to share with us about their brand new series on #UnChainedTV, "Plant Based In The Burbs" The show focuses on delicious, healthy, simple vegan recipes, health and fitness tips and t...


    Sweeten your Valentine's Day or anytime with these scrumptious Vegan Buckeyes that are good for you? Here is a Vegan Buckeye recipe demoed by Erin De Marines, fitness guru and CVO (Chief Vegan Officer) of Efit Foods. This nutrient dense treat is delightfully nourishing. Watch the step by step re...

  • Wolves Reduce Greenhouse Gases

    Learn why wolves are essential to other wildlife and dramatically reduce greenhouse gases.

  • Terriers in the Jungle

  • Off The Plate Sanctuary

    Visit Off The Plate Sanctuary, a "forever home" full of compassion, love, healthful living, and safe pastures for rescued farm animals.

  • Cruel Monkey Biz Revealed

    A truck accident leads to the escape of monkeys destined for horrific experimentation. Why it's all a cruel waste of taxpayer dollars that's holding back science. For more:

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