Mini Docs

Mini Docs

Mini docs are great because, in just two or three minutes, you can have a life-changing experience. We offer you some of the most thought-provoking, surprising documentaries you will ever see. It's a tiny time commitment. Watch and see where it takes you.

Mini Docs
  • Dairyman Blues

    Director Michael Harris interviews residents from Yakima County, Washington, complaining about industrialized dairy farms that are polluting the air and water with their manure.

  • Who Is Being Mourned At This Funeral?

    Every year, on the first Sunday in June, in cities around the world, people gather to take part in a dramatic memorial service for... animals. It's called National Animal Rights Day and it's a visually stunning ceremony with a point. Sometimes, the participants are holding the bodies of animals w...

  • Time To Act

    When we see suffering and injustice we have a moral obligation not to turn away and ignore it, but to get closer, face it and see if we can help. That is the basis of The Save Movement. Visit to get involved. They need YOU!

  • What Is a Save Vigil Anyway?

    The Save Movement was founded on the philosophy of Leo Tolstoy, a great novelist and thinker. Tolstoy said that when you see suffering or injustice, you have a moral obligation to NOT turn away but to get closer, see if you can help. And, even if you cannot help, bear witness. There is a power in...

  • Joaquin Phoenix - Farm visit


    Live animal markets are retail slaughterhouses where the customer picks up the carcass, often after choosing the animal he or she wants killed. Live animal markets, also known as Wet Markets, made global news as the likely place where the deadly COVID-19 virus first cropped up in Wuhan, China. Wh...

  • Controversy over Kapparot

    A religious ritual on the streets of New York is bloody and controversial. More than a hundred rabbis have publicly urged coins be used instead of live chickens in a rite designed to atone for sin. Rabbi Jonathan D. Klein is co-founder/director of Faith Action for Animals and has led protests aga...

  • What to Say to.....

    ...those people who don't partake of flesh called.... vegans! Yikes! This video explains so much. Great to watch if you are a vegan or know a vegan or even if you want to know a vegan. The lady in white is Harvard-trained social psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy. She's brilliant. Learn more about her ...

  • Golden Retriever Burgers Trending!

    #CatchOnToCarnism with this mind-bending, head-spinning remix on the standard American diet. It must be seen to be appreciated. Harvard-trained social psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy takes us on a wild journey of the imagination. For more visit:

  • The Secret Reason We Eat Meat - Dr Melanie Joy

    Dr. Melanie Joy is a Harvard-trained social psychologist who is famous for coining the term Carnism. Find out what that is and transform your life and this world. This could be the most impactful mini-doc you've ever watched! For more, visit:

  • A Year in The Save Movement

    The Save Movement is a fast-growing, grassroots movement that is springing up all over the world. It is based on the philosophy of Bearing Witness. Leo Tolstoy defined the moral duty to bear witness as: “When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain… come closer, as close as you ...

  • This Vegan Is Ripped

    Torre Washington, a 7 time bodybuilding champion, International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Pro, coach, and trainer is thriving on a vegan diet. Kindness is strong.

  • They Lift Whaaat?

    The Story of Two Vegan Athletes
    Think you need to eat animals to get enough protein? Think again and get inspired by vegan athletes Robert Cheeke and Vanessa Espinoza. They're workout buddies, business partners co-authors of the book "Plant-Based Muscle."

    Vanessa is an elite powerlifter, a 3X Co...

  • Mothers & Babies

    They are pulled apart in factory farming so we humans can steal their milk. Think about it. If we leave the baby calf with her mama, then the baby will drink the milk nature intended for her. Most people have no idea that cows need to be pregnant to produce milk. Where do all those babies go who ...

  • Did You Ever Think About...

    Did you ever think about the fact that billions, yes billions, of animals are transported long distances to be slaughtered? Have you ever wondered about what these innocent beings, who are just like your dogs and cats, experience on the long ride that takes place in open-air trucks without food o...

  • Save Our Future!

    This entertaining cartoon sums up, in a minute and a half, what is ailing our planet and how YOU can help heal it.

  • What Is a Cow Save?

    In an out of the way spot in a town in Colorado, people gather to bear witness. What is that? Find out. Watch. Visit for more.

  • Are animals SOMETHING or SOMEONE?

    This is the fundamental question. The answer, of course, is that they are someone... each of the 80 BILLION animals slaughtered for food every year globally, was an individual, with his or her own unique personality and quirks and fears and desires. Something to think about when you order or prep...