Happenings & Events

Happenings & Events

There are so many events, festivals, summits and conferences that are completely ignored by mainstream. media, even though these events are filled with thought-leaders who are offering solutions to most of the world's problems. So... we bring you the important information you need to make optimal choices about your own life, others around you and the planet as a whole.

Happenings & Events
  • LIVE: The Vegan Earth Day March - Global Event

    The Vegan Earth Day March is happening in more than 50 cities around the world. UnchainedTV is bringing you live coverage from New York, Los Angeles and beyond! The message? The most powerful action individuals can take to reduce their greenhouse emissions footprint is to eat a plant-based diet! ...

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  • Vegan Earth Day

    The Vegan Earth Day March is a global event held on Earth Day, April 22nd. 50 cities took part in 2023. One of the biggest and liveliest of the events was held in Santa Monica, California, organized by UnchainedTV's own Plant-Based in the Burbs co-star Paige Parsons Roache. Thanks to Nigel Duart...

  • Why Is A Pea Marching The Streets?

    A vast crowd marches in NYC promoting veganism. It's fun, and exciting, and proves the movement is growing. But why do they march? For more: Theirturn.net

  • A Funeral Walks Through NYC

    Why is this massive funeral procession walking through the streets of NYC? Watch to find out. For more: Theirturn.net

  • Does Foie Gras Get Banned?

    The fight to ban Foie Gras in NYC. Did they win? Watch to find out. For more: Theirturn.net

  • Truth Prevails In The Streets

    The truth comes out on the streets of San Francisco with a huge Cube of Truth event. watch the intense footage unfold. For more: Theirturn.net

  • Why Don't They Talk About It?

    The climate youth strike is great, but why don't they talk about veganism and the massive impact of animal agriculture on the environment? The answers are shocking. For more: Theirturn.net

  • Veggie Pride Parade

    Thousands of people in NYC march in the Veggie Pride Parade. The huge vegan and vegetarian community has pride and they aren't afraid to shout it in the streets of New York City!

  • A Gandhi Speaks at Himalayan VegFest

    Vanessa Marsot takes us to the Himalayas where a Gandhi speaks words of wisdom! Maneka Gandhi was married to the late Sanjay Gandhi, the son of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

  • Animal & Vegan Advocacy Summit

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    UnchainedTV takes you to the crucial DC area summit where animal rights and vegan leaders from around the world met to strategize!

  • Plant-Based World Expo in NYC

    VeganSoulicious cooked vegan ackee & saltfish during Plant Based World Expo at Manhattan's famed Javits Center. Let's just say... we'll have what she's having! vegansoulicious.com

  • European Vegan Summit

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    This is the very first event of its kind in Europe. Place where activists, politicians, business people and academics meet on one stage. We believe it is high time to start connecting the dots between the world of human rights, environmental rights and animal rights. It is impossible to create a ...

  • OMG! LA Vegandale Festival

    The Vegandale Festival is where the world’s best in vegan food, drink, and goods come together in a day-long celebration. Meet the man who created Vegandale and is taking it across the U.S. and the globe. Vegandale is now in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Toronto, Chicago... and headed to ...

  • Food Should Be Free!

    Food is a basic necessity, like air and water, and should be free to everyone. We could feed everyone if we stopped producing/feeding billions of farmed animals. climatehealers.org

  • Vegan Women Summit 2022

    This powerhouse LA summit was rocking with celebs like Alicia Silverstone, Miyoko Schinner, summit founder Jennifer Stojkovic & 800 vegan businesswomen! veganwomensummit.com

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  • NYC Mayor Adams in LA Talks Food

    New York City Mayor Eric Adams talks to the LA audience about his plant-based journey and how he's The Broccoli Mayor helping NYC school kids get healthier!

  • The Lingerie Protest

    An UnchainedTV.com original. Clad in lingerie, Australian model, Stefania Ferrario, and influencer, Tash Peterson, teamed up in Melbourne to raise awareness of animal agriculture's devastating impact on the climate, animals and people.

  • Earthling Ed, Vegan Shakespeare

    Earthling Ed, a well-known vegan public speaker from England, spoke at a pig vigil organized by Los Angeles Animal Save. Save vigils are where caring people gather to offer water and a comforting touch to animals headed into the slaughterhouse to meet a violent death. In the case of this event it...

  • NYC's Veggie Pride Parade!

    NYC's Veggie Pride parade is wildly entertaining. But, just as interesting are the reactions from random people on the streets. TheirTurn.net's Donny Moss brings us this unchained report.

  • Vegan Food for In Need

  • Street Theater... With a Purpose!

    They've got on costumes. They move to a beat. And, most of all, they are pushed into the streets by a shared sense of purpose! What's their mission? Find out. TheirTurn.net brings us this intriguing look.

  • The Streets of San Francisco!

    Colorful and spine-tingling, with flairs and drums, hundreds fall to the ground on the streets of San Francisco. But, what about those watching? What are they thinking and feeling? Watch, listen and find out. TheirTurn.net's Donny Moss is on the case.