Their Turn

Their Turn

Donny Moss is a NYC-based animal rights activist who runs local campaigns and produces videos for In 2008, Moss made the award-winning film BLINDERS that documents NYC’s controversial horse-drawn carriage trade. In May, 2015, he launched a grass roots campaign to compel the NY Blood Center to pay for the care of 66 chimpanzees who the organization abandoned with no food or water on islands in Liberia. That campaign ended in May, 2017, when the organization made a $6 million contribution to pay for the lifelong care of the chimps. For more, visit

Their Turn
  • Why Is A Pea Marching The Streets?

    A vast crowd marches in NYC promoting veganism. It's fun, and exciting, and proves the movement is growing. But why do they march? For more:

  • From Fur Coats To Protests

    She went from being a woman who proudly wore fur, to a woman who now protests against it and donates old furs to orphaned animals. Watch her intriguing story. For more:

  • A Funeral Walks Through NYC

    Why is this massive funeral procession walking through the streets of NYC? Watch to find out. For more:

  • Does Foie Gras Get Banned?

    The fight to ban Foie Gras in NYC. Did they win? Watch to find out. For more:

  • Truth Prevails In The Streets

    The truth comes out on the streets of San Francisco with a huge Cube of Truth event. watch the intense footage unfold. For more:

  • Can They Be Turned Vegan?

    Donny Moss has 4 non-vegan friends over to eat a plant-based meal and talk about veganism. We're their minds changed? Find out. For more:

  • Why Don't They Talk About It?

    The climate youth strike is great, but why don't they talk about veganism and the massive impact of animal agriculture on the environment? The answers are shocking. For more:

  • Veggie Pride Parade

    Thousands of people in NYC march in the Veggie Pride Parade. The huge vegan and vegetarian community has pride and they aren't afraid to shout it in the streets of New York City!

  • He Ran From L.A. To NYC

    Robbie Balenger runs from Los Angeles to NYC in 75 days on a plant-based diet, proving that you can be vegan and an athlete. In fact, you will probably have better results, more energy, and shorter recovery times on a plant-based diet. For more:

  • Why Is She Crying?

    Megan Dwier once wore fur, now she's protesting against it. After finding out the truths about fur and how it becomes fashion, her hurt sunk. Now she uses her voice to fight against the fur industry. Watch her amazing story. For more:

  • What Is A Storefront Slaughterhouse?

    Did you know that storefront slaughterhouses or wet markets exist in NYC? Donny Moss brings you the story of these businesses and why they should be illegal. For more:

  • Vegan Natasha Turns 98

    Donny Moss makes vegan lasagna for Natasha's 98th birthday. She's vegan but has never had vegan lasagna and is in for a big, tasty surprise. For more:

  • Easter At A Slaughterhouse

    Activists occupy a slaughterhouse on Good Friday in Brooklyn NYC, while things get a little crazy when the cops show up. For more:

  • Protesters Fight Against The Rodeo

    NYC planned to have a rodeo in their city. But activists quickly took to the streets to protest this cruel show and speak to the public about having a rodeo in their neighborhood. How do you think the public responded?

  • Elizabeth Lail Speaks Up For Sea Shepherd

    The Empire State Building Lights up Blue for our oceans. Actress Elizabeth Lail takes part in support of Sea Shepherd new campaign, Find out why! For more:

  • A Demand: Shutdown All Slaughterhouses

    In 2018 activists took to the streets demanding the shutdown of all slaughterhouses. For more:

  • Did Eating Meat Cause Covid?

    Activists take to the streets showing the connection between meat eating and pandemics as we still fight against covid-19. Did you know that there is a connection between meat-eating and pandemics? For more:

  • Why Have A Slaughterhouse Vigil?

    The Save Movement bears witness at a chicken slaughterhouse in Stockton, Ca. But why do they do this? For more:

  • Why The UN Youth Climate Summit Silences Veganism

    Why is no one talking about meat and veganism at the United Nations Youth Climate Summit? For more:

  • Making Faux Fur Sexy

    A luxury faux fur company brings elegance to NYC Fashion Week. Faux Fur looks beautiful, feels luxurious, and cause no harm to animals. This should be front and center during Fashion Week, and this designer makes it happen. For more:

  • NYC VegFest Is Massive

    The NYC VegFest has grown massively, with tons of food and activities! Check out all the new products as we celebrate a movement that is dramatically growing in size.

  • Meat Eaters Talk About Veganism

    Can the minds of these meat eaters be changed? Join Donny Moss as he has a countable discussion over a vegan meal with non-vegans. For more:

  • Kangaroo Protest at Nike NYC

    Protesters disrupt Nike’s NYC flagship store condemning the company’s support of mass Kangaroo slaughter for soccer shoes. The Center for A Humane Economy tells Nike: stop hunting kangaroos. for the whole story. Nike is invited on any time.

  • Why Are Horses On NYC Streets?

    This amazing documentary tells the story of the NYC horse carriage industry and why it is so important to get these animals off the busy streets. This intense film is a must watch. For more: