Their Turn

Their Turn

Donny Moss is a NYC-based animal rights activist who runs local campaigns and produces videos for In 2008, Moss made the award-winning film BLINDERS that documents NYC’s controversial horse-drawn carriage trade. In May, 2015, he launched a grass roots campaign to compel the NY Blood Center to pay for the care of 66 chimpanzees who the organization abandoned with no food or water on islands in Liberia. That campaign ended in May, 2017, when the organization made a $6 million contribution to pay for the lifelong care of the chimps. For more, visit

Their Turn
  • Kangaroo Protest at Nike NYC

    Protesters disrupt Nike’s NYC flagship store condemning the company’s support of mass Kangaroo slaughter for soccer shoes. The Center for A Humane Economy tells Nike: stop hunting kangaroos. for the whole story. Nike is invited on any time.

  • Why Are Horses On NYC Streets?

    This amazing documentary tells the story of the NYC horse carriage industry and why it is so important to get these animals off the busy streets. This intense film is a must watch. For more:

  • Wet Market Protest

    In the wake of the global pandemic there is a new focus on wet markets, retail slaughterhouses where animals are purchased and killed on the spot. While the source of the COVID-19 catastrophe has not been officially determined, a likely source - some would say the most likely source - is a wet ma...

  • Change The Way We Look At Animals

    A successful Journalist and Writer is changing how people look at animals, and a NYC activist fights to end the horse carriage trade in New York City. For More:

  • Kangaroo Killer Protest at Nike's Donny Moss leads a loud protest inside Nike's NYC flagship store to denounce the company's use of kangaroo leather as a bloody, violent massacre. Nike is invited on to respond. For more, visit

  • The Streets of San Francisco!

    Colorful and spine-tingling, with flairs and drums, hundreds fall to the ground on the streets of San Francisco. But, what about those watching? What are they thinking and feeling? Watch, listen and find out.'s Donny Moss is on the case.

  • The One Who Got Away!

    There's a whole world out there that you may not know about. There's a fascinating group of people who are going to extraordinary lengths to save... one chicken. When you have saved one life, you have saved the world... for that one being. TheirTurn's Donny Moss introduces us to this new breed of...

  • Horse Racing Wrongs

    Horse racing is not something to patronize if you love animals. While human race car drivers choose to race their cars and risk their lives, horses do not get to choose. Breeding to find that perfect specimen results in a lot of castoffs whose lives are horror shows.'s Donny Moss ju...

  • Do You Want to Save the Planet?

    Climate actions are taking place around the world. But, half measures will not work. There is something each of us can do three times a day to drastically lower our carbon footprint. If we all did it, we could actually reverse the earth's temperatures. So, why don't all the "environmentalists" do...

  • The Onlookers

    In this mini-doc filmmaker Donny Moss asks random people on the streets of New York for their reactions and observations regarding a passing animal rights march. is a great source of info on the vegan movement.

  • NYC's Veggie Pride Parade!

    NYC's Veggie Pride parade is wildly entertaining. But, just as interesting are the reactions from random people on the streets.'s Donny Moss brings us this unchained report.

  • NYC Has100 Whaaat?

    Donny Moss, an intrepid filmmaker and animal activist, goes to places other people like to pretend don't exist. Here he is at a wet market in New York City. Yes, there are about 100 retail slaughter markets in the city that never sleeps... and apparently never stops killing either. Visit TheirTur...

  • Former Fur Wearer's Evolution

    needsfinalThis woman describes her journey from unconsciousness to compassion and how she is now using the furs once wore proudly to, instead, make a point namely that fur is completely unnecessary, it's totally cruel and it's now totally out of fashion. Wait for it... the final scene in this sho...

  • The Bull Behind Rodeos

    Madison Square Garden was the scene of a passionate protest by animal lovers who point out the obvious: animals don't buck wildly for no reason. They do so cause it hurts. Like circuses that break wild animals and force them to perform tricks, rodeos need to ride off into the sunset and be done. ...

  • What is U.S. Veg Corp?

    U.S. Veg Corp is an intriguing name that sounds vaguely mysterious, like a front for a spy agency. But, it's actually the group behind a very fun vegan festival in NYC. It's run by some dynamic women entrepreneurs who bring together a mind-boggling collection of food and fashion brands. Let's giv...

  • Ya Gotta Try Tofu Piccata

    The key to this dish is use EXTRA FIRM TOFU. Donny Moss, journalist and filmmaker, founder of, shows us how to make this gourmet dish. Lemons, capers, Miyoko's vegan butter. Yum! He's coming to us from his fabulous kitchen in Manhattan! UnChainedTV features the most interesting people!

  • NYC Vegan Tour

    Donny Moss, a vegan filmmaker and founder of, gives us a tour of vegan options at the Union Square Farmer's Market in Manhattan! Just goes to show, you sniff around, you will find delicious vegan options wherever you go. UnChainedTV. Get Unchained!

  • Blinders

    Carriage horse rides might seem like innocent fun. This film reveals the shocking truth of what happens to horses trying to navigate traffic!

  • Ritual Slaughter of Animals Still Happens!

    Ritual slaughter of animals is still going on around the world and involves various religions. It's the 21st Century. Religion is no excuse for animal torture. Donny Moss of tackles this thorny issue.