• Animal Sanctuary Owner Charged With Felony in Cow Case

    BREAKING NEWS: Tracy Murphy, who founded and runs Asha Animal Sanctuary in upstate New York, says 2 cows wandered onto her property. What ensued is a matter of debate and a controversial court case. Murphy was shackled and charged with felony grand larceny, which carries a prison term of up to 7 ...

  • From Rags to Royalty: One Lab Beagle's Escape from Hell!

    The extraordinary story of Mia, adopted by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after being rescued by Beagle Freedom Project from a hellish laboratory breeding facility. for more.

  • Chris DeRose: Last Chance for Animals

    Chris DeRose leads the Navy Seals of Animal Rescuers: Last Chance for Animals.

  • He's Bud The Superdog

    A tragic fire broke out in LA's famous Venice Canals. But, a hero super dog was the first to spot it and alert his human companion. Bud may well have saved lives! Visit

  • The Pig Rescue Trials

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    Previously Recorded. UnchainedTV was live at the courthouse with EXPERT COVERAGE of the ongoing Utah TRIAL of Direct Action Everywhere co-founder Wayne Hsiung and DxE member Paul Picklesimer. These two men face over a DECADE in prison for rescuing 2 sick piglets inside a massive Utah pig factory ...

  • Seabirds Kitchen: An Amazing Journey!

    Seabirds Kitchen rocks! Owner & head chef Stephanie Morgan tells OMG! LA's Michelle Celestino about her journey from Wall Street to a food truck and beyond.

  • The Korean Vegan Speaks at MFA Gala

    Joanne Lee Molinaro, aka The Korean Vegan, has amassed a global following with her unique, artsy, intimate, vegan cooking videos. She spoke to us at the Mercy for Animals gala.

  • Succession Star James Cromwell Speaks

    James Cromwell, Hollywood star and animal activist, known for Babe and for gluing his hand to a counter in protest. He got a Mercy for Animals Award & spoke to UnchainedTV.

  • Breaking: 2 Canadian Animal Activists Sentenced to Jail! Watch their reaction!

    UnchainedTV's LIVE for the post-verdict news conference by 2 Canadian Animal Rights Activists! Amy Soranno and Nick Schafer, aka #TheExcelsior4, are going to jail for their part in the "Meat The Victims" farm lock-down in 2019.

  • Vegan MRE's for US Military! is leading the charge to get the U.S. military to offer vegan MREs, aka Meals Ready to Eat! MFA's Frances Chrzan & Sgt Vegan Bill Muir talk to UnchainedTV!

  • Comedian Kevin Hart's New Vegan Restaurant Draws Hundreds!

    The lines were down the block in both directions as hundreds showed up to eat at Kevin Hart's new vegan restaurant near LAX in Los Angeles. The famous comedian plans to open many more across the U.S. to become the vegan McDonalds.

  • Actor Joaquin Phoenix: BioGas = BS!

    Actor Joaquin Phoenix & Animal Legal Defense Fund expose cruel, polluting factory farms in a 2-minute video, Biogas or Bulls**t? Sign the petition:

  • Meat with ZERO Animals! How?

    Paleo makes bio-identical meat without any animal ingredients or animal cell cultures! How? Find out as this revolutionary product is poised to explode and save the planet!

  • Broadway Star Interrupted by Protesters

    Bernadette Peters got into a dust up with protesters who say the HSNY is warehousing adoptable pets. Visit for the full story. Ms. Peters is invited on to respond.

  • This Video Went Viral: Find Out Why!

    The company in question is invited on any time to respond. Visit to get involved.

  • Foster Crisis from July 4th Fireworks

    July 4th fireworks create a crisis for animal shelters because so many dogs and cats get spooked and run away. Spay, neuter and chip your pet and be a foster now! Visit

  • The Real Story You Have to Watch!

    Advertiser-based mainstream news media won't talk about the animal ag/pandemic/disease link. But, we will. Visit: to be part of the solution.

  • 5 Things Jane Wishes She Knew @ 22

    UnchainedTV's Jane Velez-Mitchell names 5 things she wishes somebody had told her when she was 22.

  • Selling Sunset Star Hides Under Desk

    The TV realtor's NJ & NYC book signings were disrupted by anti-fur protesters upset over her wearing of animal fur!

  • Succession Star's Starbucks Glue-In

    Why oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell glued his hand to a Starbucks counter.

  • Protest to Free "Happy" Goes to Court

    "Happy" the elephant captured from the wild & stuck in the Bronx Zoo for 45 years. Now, a court case to free her! &

  • NYC Mayor Adams in LA Talks Food

    New York City Mayor Eric Adams talks to the LA audience about his plant-based journey and how he's The Broccoli Mayor helping NYC school kids get healthier!

  • Vegan Women Summit 2022

    This powerhouse LA summit was rocking with celebs like Alicia Silverstone, Miyoko Schinner, summit founder Jennifer Stojkovic & 800 vegan businesswomen!

  • CA Bill for Plant-Based School Meals

    A bill to provide nutritious, plant-based meals to California public school kids would be a game changer! Judie Mancuso of talks to UnchainedTV's Jane Velez-Mitchell.