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Watch powerful vegan documentaries that could change your life. Stream now!

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So many people say it was watching one powerful documentary that set them on a new path in life. At UnchainedTV, we have curated some of the most powerful vegan documentaries ever made, available for you to stream. These films cover a range of tones and topics, offering something for everyone, from lighthearted explorations to intense, eye-opening revelations.

"Vegucated" is a lighthearted and entertaining documentary that follows three meat-and-cheese-loving New Yorkers as they adopt a vegan diet for six weeks. Their journey is filled with humor and unexpected discoveries, making it a great introduction to the vegan lifestyle.

For those seeking a more intense and thought-provoking experience, "Earthlings" voiced by Joaquin Phoenix and "Dominion" are must-watch documentaires. These films explore the harsh realities of animal exploitation and the environmental impact of factory farming. With powerful footage and compelling narratives, they are designed to make viewers rethink their everyday choices and the impact they have on animals and the planet.

UnchainedTV's original documentary, "Countdown to Year Zero," offers alarming predictions about what could soon happen if the human race does not adjust its behavior. This film combines expert interviews and striking visuals to highlight the urgent need for change. It serves as a wake-up call, emphasizing the dire consequences of continuing on our current path and the potential for a better future if we act now.

If you want to deepen your understanding of ethical and sustainable living, these documentaries provide valuable insights and inspiration. Watch and get ready to be transformed by these powerful stories that could set you on a new path in life. Stream free on UnchainedTV and join the movement towards a more compassionate and sustainable world.

  • Friends of Bonobos of the Congo - Extended Version

    Extended Version. Winner of the Boden International Film Festival (BIFF) Best Short Documentary

    An introduction to bonobos and the conservation mission of Friends of Bonobos of the Congo, an environmental nonprofit rooted in the belief that love heals and that -- through education and opportunit...

  • Mother's Milk!

    This award-winning film feels like a fictional thriller. But, it's all really happening. A doctor quits his job and embarks on an investigative journey across India to find out if there is indeed a link between the nation’s massive dairy consumption and its beef exports. Through an extensive seri...

  • The Elephant in the Room

    This film delves into the wildlife tourism industry throughout Thailand and just how much of an impact these practices have on the lives of wildlife in the country.

  • The Grizzly Truth

    As we barrel towards species extinction, there is growing outrage and alarm over hunting. Filmmaker Tom Reissmann deconstructs Canada's bear hunt, dispelling myths that hunters use to justify their violence against these animals. Hunting proponents paint the bears are dangerous when it's the huma...

  • Saving The Planet

    We are in a time of climate crisis! The fires, the floods, the extreme heat, the intense hurricanes... all of it is getting worse exponentially. Meanwhile, the health of Americans is deteriorating. This hard-hitting documentary lays out what it believes is a root cause of preventable lifestyle di...

  • Hero Dog Documentary

    One dog’s heroic act—caught on surveillance camera—inspires a filmmaker to travel to Chile to explore the feasibility of a search for the hero dog. The result is a stirring documentary and the adoption of multiple street dogs, proving that courage is contagious… and that one dog can make a differ...

  • Moving Giants

    Network for Animals’ elephant translocation documentary, Moving Giants, won Best Wildlife Conservation Film at the 10th annual Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) that took place in 2020.

  • Cull of the Wild

    Every year, millions of animals are trapped and killed in the United States for the fur trade and by Wildlife Services, a notorious arm of the US government that is a continuous, taxpayer-funded, wildlife killing spree at the behest of the livestock industry. Millions more are accidentally caugh...

  • SANCTUARY | Every Form of Refuge has its Price

    Enter SANCTUARY: an emotionally touching glimpse into the lives of our primate brothers and sisters...Their right to life, happiness, and freedom are ironically stolen by their human relatives who aspire to achieve the same in life. This beautiful documentary takes the viewer into the lives of Pu...

  • The Grizzly Truth

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    The Grizzly Truth has won multiple awards and was instrumental in ending the grizzly bear hunt in British Columbia, Canada. It currently boasts an IMDB rating of 8.6.

  • Where Have All the Orcas Gone?

    When people think about extinction, they often limit their imagination to the crisis with disappearing wild animals on land. But, sea animals are also under assault and vanishing at an alarming rate. In this 2002 Michael Harris’ documentary, part of The Inland Sea series, Jean-Michel Cousteau exp...

  • Called to Rescue


    Called To Rescue is a compassionate, non-violent story about the lives of farm animals as experienced through the lens of their caregivers. The rescued farm animals, simply by being who they are, are changing lives, lifestyles, and beliefs on both sides of the fence. This glimpse into sixteen far...

  • The Human Experiment

    Narrated & Executive produced by Sean Penn, this riveting documentary will scare the wits out of you in terms of the chemicals being poured into our lives and our bodies.

  • Blinders

    This film reveals the shocking truth of what happens to carriage horses trying to navigate traffic in New York City.

  • Speciesism The Movie - Director's Cut

    Modern farms are struggling to keep a secret. Most of the animals used for food in the United States are raised in giant, bizarre “factory farms,” hidden deep in remote areas of the countryside. Speciesism: The Movie director Mark Devries set out to investigate. The documentary takes viewers on ...

  • Countdown to Year Zero

    We only have a few years left before we reach the point of no return, so what can you do about it? Watch this award-winning film produced by Jane Velez-Mitchell and find out! The clock is ticking.

  • Give Me Shelter - Film

    This powerful film tracks a few fascinating individuals, and some major Hollywood celebrities like legendary actress Tippi Hedren, who are on a mission to save animals caught in the crosshairs of human arrogance and greed. Starring Katie Cleary and Carole Davis, it is thought-provoking and brilli...

  • The Cheese Trap: It's Addictive!

    Mark Thompson, the Voice of American Idol, is a proud vegan. This media star introduces the main event... Dr. Neal Barnard, the brilliant head of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. He is the author of numerous books. His most recent is The Cheese Trap, which explains why dairy che...

  • Vegucated

    Vegucated is a humorous, yet moving, film that "follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks." Director Marisa Miller Wolfson (in photo) follows Brian, who likes to eat meat, Ellen, a psychiatrist, comedian and mother, and Tesla, a college studen...

  • There Was A Killing (Film)

    On June 19th, 2020, Canadian vegan activist Regan Russell was run over and killed by a truck packed with pigs headed into a slaughterhouse outside Toronto. The truck driver was only charged with careless driving causing death. This film, by acclaimed Earthlings filmmaker Shaun Monson, dives into ...

  • Countdown to Year Zero (for Schools)

    This version of the award-winning climate doc is edited for use in Secondary Schools by