There is this stereotype of The Vegan as a judgmental and pretentious hipster. Fortunately, while there may be a few of those types, the vast majority of vegans are just like the rest of the population, except that they have chosen to no longer kill or exploit animals. Their reasons vary. Some get into it for health, others because of environmental concerns, still others because they love animals. Some go vegan simply because they've seen the horrific violence involved in modern day animal production and want no part of it, for the sake of their own conscience.

There are lawyers, doctors, actors, farmers and even hunters who have had the epiphany and made the leap. Check out some of these captivating stories and see if you relate.

  • 3 of New York's Top Animal Activists!

    These 3 rambunctious New Yorkers put the ACTIVE in animal activism! They have won campaigns that many thought were impossible, going up against massive corporations and brands. Meet Donny Moss, the documentary filmmaker and founder of, lobbyist Edita Birnkrant who is the executive d...

  • Bernat Añaños - Huera Foods

    In this episode, we talk to Bernat Añaños Martinez, Chief Social Movement Officer & Co-Founder of Heura Foods. Rooted in the social justice movement and animal activism, hear the start-up story of how Heura Foods has become a leader in plant-based food in 22 countries across Europe. With their ex...

  • Ria Rehberg - Veganuary

    In this episode, we speak with Ria Rehberg CEO of Veganuary. Veganuary has helped transition over 1 million people towards a vegan diet. With her background in business and intercultural communications, and having worked in animal equality/protection, it was a great fit for her to join the founde...

  • Jack Jagodka - Hollywood Stuntman

    In this captivating episode, we sit down with Jack Jagodka, an accomplished vegan stuntman and actor with an impressive portfolio including roles in renowned productions such as Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny, Rogue One A Star Wars Story, Eternals, Wonder Woman, Fast X, The Legend of Tarzan, and ...

  • Sleaford Mods' Vegan Musician

    The band Sleaford Mods has described by the Independent as, "the post-punk poets of the underclass." They themselves say their music is "electronic munt minimalist punk-hop rants for the working class." Frontman Jason Williamson does the lyrics. Andrew Fearn produces the music. Sleaford Mods son...

  • From Obese to Super Fit!

    Dani Taylor's story is riveting! Once morbidly obese, she went vegan overnight and began the transformation that's led her to become a super-fit, bodybuilding phenomenon. Dani is the co-founder of Plant Built, the vegan competitive athletic team, and Here's a bit o...

  • Jane Velez-Mitchell

    Viva, the popular UK animal charity organization, recently interviewed Jane Velez-Mitchell for their much-watched podcast and also gave us the interview to air. So, here it is. Jane explains why she started UnchainedTV, the world's only free, nonprofit, plant-based, streaming TV network and how y...

  • Fascinating Fashionista!

    Emma Hakansson is the founding director of Collective Fashion Justice, a nonprofit which aims to create a "total ethics fashion system" that avoids exploiting people, animals and the environment and puts compassion over profits. And, this Australian phenom has written a book on it called Total Et...

  • Olympian Rachael Adams Scores

    This titan of the volleyball court says going dairy-free transformed her health. More at

  • UnchainedTV - Who Knew?

    UnchainedTV is a unique streaming television network. There is no other network in the world like it. We offer ALL of our videos for FREE. We are not about making money. We are about saving the planet and saving the human beings and animals who live on this planet. Ready, set, go! Let's do this!

  • Vegan Ultra-Marathon Runner

    Once a successful model, now an ultra marathon runner and 100% vegan! For more:

  • Olympic Medalist's Story

    Dotsie Bausch won a Silver Medal in Cycling at the 2012 Olympics, as a vegan. One video changed her life... for the better. Watch & visit to join Dotsie's team.

  • Meet the Woman Saving Orangutans from Extinction!

    Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas is a groundbreaking primatologist, founder of Orangutan Foundation International, and the world’s foremost expert on orangutans. As one of Leakey’s Angels or the Trimates, (a team of groundbreaking female primatologists mentored by noted anthropologist Dr. Louis Leakey it...

  • Ya Gotta Hear This Guy!

    Ryuji Chua has been on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He's known for his articulate advocacy of the vegan lifestyle. I guess that's why we call him Peace By Vegan!

  • How Can Vegans Find Love?

    Maya Gottfried is a multi-talented author/animal activist. She had written 3 books. Two of them are children's books, Good Dog and Our Farm, by the animals of Farm Sanctuary. Another book is a fascinating look at vegan dating called Vegan Love. Watch the video and get some of her insights. Click ...

  • Tennessee Titan Derrick Morgan

    This titan of fitness has gone plant-based and taken lots of his teammates on the journey. Now, Derrick Morgan reveals how it's transformed his performance.

  • NBA Star Enes Kanter's Breakthough!

    Boston Celtics Star Enes Kanter had a breakthrough and this one realization changed his life. He calls his new lifestyle a slam dunk. Mind you, this is one of the world's top athletes. And, he is stronger than ever!

  • How Dr. Klaper's Initiative Revolutionizes Healthcare and Saves Lives!

    Experience a medical breakthrough on 'Main Street Vegan Salon' with Dr. Michael Klaper's life-saving health revolution! Discover how Dr. Klaper's 'Moving Medical Forward' program is radically transforming patient care by educating medical students in powerful plant-based nutrition strategies. Thi...

  • Seabirds Kitchen: An Amazing Journey!

    Seabirds Kitchen rocks! Owner & head chef Stephanie Morgan tells OMG! LA's Michelle Celestino about her journey from Wall Street to a food truck and beyond. Voted Best Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant in Southern California by the LA Times, Seabirds serves up a unique and creative menu to
    Long Beach...

  • Why He's So Famous in Finland

    Benjamin Pitkanen sat in a tent for 3 days in Finland's bitter cold before... Spoiler alert. You'll have to watch to find out why this charismatic young man is VERY famous in Finland! He's become a folk hero, recognizable to most of the population. It has something to do with Kentucky Fried Chick...

  • John Robb

    A true renaissance man, John David Robb has a vast array of accomplishments. This English musician is also a best-selling author, Tedx speaker, radio and TV host, and journalist. He was the bassist and singer for the post-punk band The Membranes and a vocalist for the punk band Goldblade. His boo...

  • From Hunter to Vegan Sanctuary Owner

    Mark Wakeling's journey from hunter and soldier to vegan animal sanctuary owner is captivating. The son of a man who ran livestock markets where he worked as a boy, he used to hunt and fish and then became a soldier. After years in London as an actor and acting teacher, he returned to the country...

  • Never Give Up: The Man Behind National Animal Rights Day

    Meet Aylam Orian, the former Israeli officer and second generation to Holocaust survivors, who created National Animal Rights Day - a global memorial ceremony for all animals killed by humans, commemorated in more than 50 countries around the world. Visit to get involved.

  • Dr. Milton Mills - Shocking Truths Behind Your Diet! - Main Street Vegan Salon

    Join Victoria Moran of Main Street Vegan Salon as we discover the spiritual awakening behind Dr. Milton Mills move to a plant-based diet. We explore his remarkable journey from a meat-eating teenager to a renowned plant-based physician. Dr. Mills shares his profound spiritual awakening and how h...