Her voice, her look, her take... it will make you say: I'll have what she's having! And, what Charlise Rookwood, aka VeganSoulicious, is having is... delicious, nutritious, mesmerizing vegan food for the soul! Check her out.

  • TOUR NYC's Plant Based World Expo!

    Manhattan's Javits Center hosts a massive convergence of Plant Based products, from "Shicken" to chips, it's all made from plants. VeganSoulicious, Charlise Rookwood gives us a tour.

  • Plant-Based World Expo in NYC

    VeganSoulicious cooked vegan ackee & saltfish during Plant Based World Expo at Manhattan's famed Javits Center. Let's just say... we'll have what she's having!

  • VeganSoulicious - Episode 1

    VeganSoulicious, the amazing and glamorous Charlise Rookwood, cooks up:
    Just Egg Waffles.
    Tropical Smoothie
    Date Night (Vegan Twix)

    IG: @vegansoulicious

  • VeganSoulicious - Episode 5

    It's a Green Day with VeganSoulicious!
    Green Juice (Chlorophyll -
    Loaded Avocado Toast
    Matcha Souflle Pancakes

    IG: @vegansoulicious

  • VeganSoulicious - Episode 6

    VeganSoulicious, of IG: @vegansoulicious, whips up:
    Breakfast Smoothie, Juicy Marble Beef, Choco Banana Fritters

  • VeganSoulicious - Episode 4

    VeganSoulicious cooks up:
    Yaki Udon Stir Fry
    Vegan Duck Curry
    Thai Banana Pancake

    IG: @vegansoulicious

  • VeganSoulicious - Episode 3

    On this "Back to my roots" episode, VeganSoulicious makes:
    Soupsop Juice -(Juicer -
    Escovitch Tofu
    Ginger Citrus Tea

    IG: @vegansoulicious

  • VeganSoulicious - Episode 2

    VeganSoulicious cooks up:
    Mamey (Sapote) Bowl
    Roasted Vege Sandwich
    Late Night Tea-Time Raspberry/Mint/Ginger

    IG: @vegansoulicious