UnchainedTV is on top of the latest trends in Hollywood and around the globe. Compassion and cruelty-free living are always trending upward as people become aware that there is always a kind alternative that is better for you, for animals and for the planet.

  • Coffee Wars Has Arrived!

    Calling all coffee lovers, comedy fans, animal rights activists, and plant-based foodies! ☕️😂🌱 Get ready to laugh your way through the hilarious new movie, @CoffeeWarsFilm, featuring the talented Kate Nash.
    iTunes: https://app...

  • Kiddo

    Environmental horror film from director Brett Chapman. A Static Flow Production in association with Kitten Pyramid.
    @brettinthecity @staticflowproductions @kittenpyramid

  • Rescued Huskies Need Good Homes!

    Beagle Freedom Project's Shannon Keith convinced one dog breeder to shut down operations and relinquish all their dogs. The adorable huskies arrived in LA to a joyous celebration! UnchainedTV was there as Beagle Freedom Project issued a call for animal lovers to adopt these innocent victims of th...

  • The Man Behind National Animal Rights Day

    Meet Aylam Orian, the former Israeli Army soldier who created National Animal Rights Day, a global ceremony for animals killed by humans. Visit to get involved.

  • Tell the USDA: Fix Cruel, Outdated Transport for Farmed Animals!

    You’ve seen the trucks on the highway packed with pigs, chickens, or cows. In crowded trailers or stacked crates, animals suffer long journeys with no food or water while headed to slaughter. Their final hours are some of their most harrowing. Transport trucks are not designed to protect animals ...

  • Fight Climate Change with Diet Change

    Pro Athletes Fight Climate Change with Diet Change. George Laraque, Chase Utley, Dotsie Bausch, Derrick Morgan, Heather Mitts, and Rich Roll join Switch4Good and choose vegan for the planet. Visit Switch4Good to join the team!

  • Gwenna Hunter: Uniting Against Injustice

    Gwenna Hunter has become a leading social justice & animal activist. For more:

  • Dairy and Racism with Dr Milton Mills

    Dairy and Racism, a talk with Dr Milton Mills.

  • PETA Victories Heading into 2023!

    Watch People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals take to the streets with provocative, celebrity-packed actions. Arguably the world's preeminent animal rights organization, PETA is a high-tech powerhouse, using virtual and augmented reality to bring the message home. PETA scored huge wins in 20...

  • 2022 Year in Review for Animals!

    The Animal Save Movement is growing rapidly and YOU can be a part of it. This is a global movement and it's happening in your neighborhood. If there is no vigil in your town, you can start one! Visit:

  • Everyone Loves UnchainedTV

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    Stick your toe in the UnchainedTV river and embark on a wild ride!

  • Hero Dog Documentary

    One dog’s heroic act—caught on surveillance camera—inspires a filmmaker to travel to Chile to explore the feasibility of a search for the hero dog. The result is a stirring documentary and the adoption of multiple street dogs, proving that courage is contagious… and that one dog can make a differ...

  • The Rotten Truth - Standard Practices

    Rowdy Keelor continues on his adventure... to The Rotten Truth!

  • Old MacDonald Sanctuary Farm

    The incredibly talented Charity Kahn has another hit song that just gets better and better as it goes along! Written and performed by Charity and the JAMband!

  • Florence, Italy: Delizioso!

    OMG! LA host Michelle Celestino takes us on her wild ride through Florence, Italy! You will feel like you are there!

  • Breaking The Chains International

    Ex-soldiers are going into Ukraine and rescuing animals left behind in the war zone. They need YOUR support to save thousands of animals. Visit:

  • Called to Rescue Documentary

    Called To Rescue is a mesmerizing look at the lives of farm animals as experienced through the lens of their caregivers. The rescued farm animals, simply by being who they are, are changing lives, lifestyles, and beliefs on both sides of the fence. This glimpse into sixteen farm animal sanctuarie...

  • Saving America's Horses: The Featurette!

    This exposé lays out how the U.S. government is waging war on America's wild horses and how we must stop it. Please sign:

  • America's War on Horses: Live With Filmmaker

    Filmmaker Katia Louise joins equine rescuer Amanda Sorvino, cast member Dr. Lisa Jacobson, DVM and UnchainedTV's Jane Velez-Mitchell to discuss the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's war on America’s wild mustangs so big corporations can take public land for livestock grazing.

  • Circus Life..."Captive" Entertainment

    Circus Life...Step Right up to the Greatest Show of Exploitation on Earth!

    USDA only requires that a cage for a wild animal be large enough that the animal be able to stand and turn around in the cage.

    They allow even smaller enclosures for the purpose of travel....

    Big Cats can be confined to...

  • Tofu Salmon: SO Delish

    Sherri Johnson & Paige Parsons Roache show us how to make this INCREDIBLE tofu salmon. Swear to you, it looks and tastes just like salmon! Plant-Based in the Burbs, baby!

  • Pinky Cole: Slutty Vegan Mogul

    See how Pinky Cole has created an empire with her vegan restaurant chain: Slutty Vegan! And, now, Pinky is on a wild tour for her new book: Eat Plants, Bitch!

  • Mena Suvari Stars in HIDE!

    Featuring the song "Everything I Wanted" by Billie Eilish. Three interconnected stories behind a single fur coat: the fox trapper, the seamstress, the customer. Written & Directed by Dustin Brown.

    Starring Mena Suvari, Mantas Valantiejus, Sadie C, Andrew Hwang
    Produced by Da...


    A new Beyond Carnism satire asks, "why chicken and not kitten?" "Climate leaders" serve meat—which has higher emissions than plant-based protein. So why not serve kittens? For more,