Susan Pratt Cooks Vegan

Susan Pratt Cooks Vegan

Susan Pratt: She's the mom of a young daughter and based in gorgeous Vancouver, Canada. Susan is taking veganism to the next level by showing us cutting edge fashion and whipping up extraordinary dishes that look and taste like comfort food but renew your body and spirit!

Susan Pratt Cooks Vegan
  • Susan Pratt Reveals Cactus Magic!

    Susan Pratt cooks vegan is inspired by Ave's chic Cactus "leather" bag! So, Susan - in beautiful Vancouver - shows us how to make Cactus Soy Curls! Visit:

  • Susan's Vegan Soy Curl Bolognese

    Susan Pratt makes her extraordinary, meaty Bolognese with all the rich flavor but no cholesterol. Visit

  • Vegan Cheddar? Susan Pratt Makes It!

    Susan Pratt cooks vegan. This plant-based cheddar sauce is delectable and zero cholesterol! Visit