Michelle Cehn's World of Vegan!

Michelle Cehn's World of Vegan!

Michelle Cehn is a vegan crusader working to inspire positive change through her delicious recipes, educational resources, and relatable videos. She is the founder of the popular food and lifestyle website World of Vegan, the creative force behind @Vegan on instagram (where she has built a community of over one million plant lovers), and co-host of the popular Plant-Powered People Podcast in which she inspires listeners to take small steps to help create a kinder world. Michelle is also co-author of the Friendly Vegan Cookbook and the Plant Based on a Budget Meal Plans, and a speaker, writer, filmmaker, photographer, YouTube personality, and mama on a mission to better our world. You can find her dishing out drool-worthy plant-based recipes and conscious living hacks daily on social media. Please visit: worldofvegan.com and step into a whole new world of healthy, sustainable, delicious, joyous cuisine! instagram.com/vegan


Michelle Cehn's World of Vegan!
  • 5 Minute No Bake Chocolate Cookies

    Michelle Cehn's recipes are so easy... it's genius! She asks, "Have you ever been invited to a dinner party or pot luck and waited until the very last minute to prepare a dish to bring? This recipe for vegan chocolate no-bake cookies is dedicated to you—my fellow procrastinators, workaholics, bus...

  • Magnificent "Meatball" Sub

    Michelle Cehn's meatball subs are scrumptious—and yes, they're vegan! Find out about the secret sauce that brings it all together. As for the meatballs, plant-based meatballs are in every frozen food section in the world these days! For the recipe visit: https://www.worldofvegan.com/vegan-meatba...

  • Delectable Dragonfruit Bowl

    This recipe is almost too gorgeous to eat...almost! This pink dragonfruit smoothie bowl, from World of Vegan, is a natural breakfast treat or dessert. Get the recipe here: https://www.worldofvegan.com/pitaya-bowl/

    An especially simple recipe, this pitaya bowl is made with just 5 ingredients—pit...

  • Luscious Lentil Bolognese

    One of the most harmful myths is that you need to eat animals to get protein. NONSENSE! Swap out the meat for protein-packed lentils in this delicious savory lentil bolognese from World of Vegan! It's nutritious, easy to make, and a fantastic plant-based dinner.
    Get the recipe here: https://www.w...

  • One Pot Pasta Perfection!

    OK, just writing about this easy dish makes us hungry, Creamy, garlicky pasta that's also zero cholesterol... whaaaat? Yes, if you love one-pot dishes, you’ll get hooked on this one-pot pasta! It’s a yummy bowl of comfort food goodness from World of Vegan.

    Luscious sauce, tender mushrooms, arom...

  • Rapturous Rosemary Olive Focaccia Recipe

    This delicious focaccia bread is a perfect for you beginner bread-makers. Easy, fast and your kitchen will have the most mouth-watering aroma! You can use olives or whatever your fave addition is. Please visit worldofvegan.com for tons more delectable, healthy, sustainable recipes! Here's the rec...