Lunchbreak LIVE

Lunchbreak LIVE

Check out the "Best Of" LunchbreakLIVE, one of the most original cooking shows ever. Each day somebody cooks a vegan meal in their kitchen. Even though there was no advance planning, for 5 years there were almost no repeat recipes. That is proof that vegan cooking is incredibly versatile. There are literally thousands of fruits, veggies, nuts, grains and legumes to use in an infinite number of combinations. That's a lot more variety than cooking half a dozen animals.

Lunchbreak LIVE
  • Mushroom Alfredo! Bella!

    Mushrooms are delicious when cooked with imagination and spice! They also happen to be incredibly good for you. They are packed with B vitamins: riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid. That's a heart-healthy combo! Couples Cooking team Chelsea V. Davis and her hubby Jake Vaage show us how to wh...

  • Make Your Own Falafel

    Sure, it's fun to go to a falafel joint. But, it can be even more fun to make your own falafel at home! So learn how! Chelsea V Davis of Veggies Do It Better and her hubby Jake Vaage show you how!

  • Danish Rice Pudding

    Chelsea V Davis is Danish and vegan. So.... she and her hubby are veganizing traditional Danish Rice Pudding by replacing the cow's milk with macadamia nut milk. That's just for starters! Let's turn a guilty-pleasure into a superfood dessert! Zero cholesterol and good for you!

  • Vegan BBQ Wings? YES!

    Cauliflower takes the place of a bird's wing. Add the batter, spices and sauces and you have delicious Vegan BBQ Wings with zero cholesterol, much less fat and a much lower carbon footprint. Best of all: it's delicious. You see, it's the add-ons that add on the taste in cooking. This is one cute ...

  • A Twist on Beyond Meat

    UnChainedTV founder, journalist, filmmaker and NY Times bestselling author Jane Velez-Mitchell reveals the action in her kitchen as she makes a Beyond Meat masterpiece! And, check out that cap!

  • Ya Gotta Try Tofu Piccata

    The key to this dish is use EXTRA FIRM TOFU. Donny Moss, journalist and filmmaker, founder of, shows us how to make this gourmet dish. Lemons, capers, Miyoko's vegan butter. Yum! He's coming to us from his fabulous kitchen in Manhattan! UnChainedTV features the most interesting people!

  • Vegan Lomo Saltado. Oh Yeah!

    Meet two superwomen. Connie Spence, aka Vegan Bat Girl, and Donna Dennison - in the cap - aka That Snarky Vegan Girl. These two rugged individualists are making a veganized version of a famous Peruvian dish called Lomo Saltado. Need we say more? Watch the magic happen right here on UnChainedTV. H...

  • Beyond Burgers: Rowdy Girl Sanctuary!

    Texas is going vegan, y'all! Please don't have a cow. Have a Beyond Meat vegan burger instead. They're delish! UnChainedTV's Jane Velez-Mitchell paid a visit to the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, a former cattle ranch turned vegan sanctuary for farmed animals. The head lady round these parts is Renee King...

  • UnTuna is Unbelievably Tasty!

    If you've watched the hit Netflix documentary Seaspiracy, you know that commercial fishing is destroying our oceans and the innocent and sensitive creatures who live there. So, why not choose a fishless tuna salad, or tuna sandwich. That's right. You can make delicious UnTuna that has no mercury ...

  • Vegan Potato Bowl

    Ryuji Chua, aka PeaceByVegan, is a brilliant young man and master of many skills, from jazz piano to filmmaking to video editing. He's also great at whipping up super healthy, easy, plant-based dishes like this vegan potato bowl. Potatoes get a bad rap. They are actually good for you. They are nu...

  • Chocolate Banana Muffins

    Rachel Ford of the U.S. & Mary Kolende of Berlin, Germany...vegan fashion models in LA! Watch them make marvelous chocolate banana muffins! This is a super healthy treat. Ripe bananas, no cholesterol-packed eggs. Instead of sugar-filled chocolate, they use cacao. No wonder they look so fabulous!...

  • Overnight Oats OMG

    They call her That Snarky Vegan Girl. Donna Dennison is a vegan powerhouse and stays fit and highly energized by regularly whipping up overnight oats. She regularly bikes 30 miles or more. Overnight oaks is her fuel. Here's how to do it! It's SO EASY! And, fun. Check out for hundr...

  • Spectacular Soup and Salad

    This soup and salad will blow your mind. The multi-talented Maryam Arjona, one of the leaders behind the spectacular Orange County VegFest, shows us how to feast without the beast! The sheer number of fruits and veggies will leave your speechless! But, you can eat all this and more and keep a sve...

  • Vegan Eggnog Creme Brûlée

    Daphne Cheng is the Founder of Vérité Catering, a vegan catering company that has worked with numerous celebrities including Moby, Vera Wang, and Stella McCartney. Daphne Cheng has made her brand of modern Chinese cooking glamorous and sought after. Daphne's goal is to open vegan restaurants in C...

  • Vegan Sausage Rolls

    Fry Family Foods is a legendary vegan brand produced by a multi-generational family living values of compassion while developing food that is exquisitely tasty. Visit to get the entire product line as well as free cookbooks with hundreds of recipes. Now, family matriarch Tammy F...

  • Make Nutty Nut Milk

    Ally Iseman, actor/comedian/writer/director/genius is a party starter. Ally brings her wit and wisdom to the process of making nut milk. Learn how to do this and you will never go thirsty... no matter how bad global supply chain problems get. You can always have that cream with your coffee. Join ...

  • Astounding Vegan Egg!

    Just Egg is a product that looks like eggs, cooks like eggs, and tastes like eggs. But, no chickens are involved. Regular eggs are cholesterol bombs. This product has zero cholesterol. So, it's heart-healthy and delicious. Donny Moss, filmmaker and journalist, founder of, shows us h...

  • Dr Reese Halter Cooks!

    Dr Reese Halter, a renowned conservation biologist, is also a proud vegan. He's in great shape and shares with us one of his favorite meals, a superfood salad.. with a real kick. Check out Dr Halter's books here find out more:

  • Bomb Vegan Chip Dip

    PETA's Sexiest Vegan over 50, Erin Riley-Carrasco, teams up with her buddy, Natalie, to show us how to make this ultimate party dish! Be the hit of the party or potluck with this symphony of beans, garlic, cilantro and.... well, you'll have to watch! Let your friends know about UnChainedTV.

  • Vegan White Cheddar MacNCheese

    Creamy and delicious! But, zero cholesterol and much lower in fatty calories than traditional dairy-laden MacNCheese. Enjoy your favorite comfort foods guilt-free! Jill Carnegie, vegan journalist, shows us how! Share UnChainedTV with your friends!

  • Chocolate Bark Dessert: OMG

    Desserts that are guilt-free! Yes, they exist and Jane Elizabeth will show you how to whip them up in a jiffy! Vegan desserts have all the decadence without the cholesterol and the junk. Enjoy!

  • Polenta Pizza with a Mushroom Medley

    An amazing duo, Lisa Karlan and Lindsey Baker, two amazing vegan chefs, whip up this dazzling dish using precious little oil. Mushrooms, by the way, are packed with extraordinary nutrients that do a body good. Tell your friends about UnChainedTV. Unchain your brain...
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  • Sundried Tomato Vegan MacNCheese!

    Sundried Tomato MacNCheese veganized to perfection by author/chef Meghan Sadd. This dish is perfect for the kids and they can even have fun helping you whip it up. We vegans like to dance when the blender or the food processor is turned on. Why? Cause we're a happy, healthy bunch. Join us. Try ou...

  • Vegan Trio Makes Potato Soup!

    American Idol contestant Amy Jean Davis, chef Nicki Mingarelli and famed filmmaker Shaun Monson of Earthlings make a creamy potato soup. There are a few special guests you have to see to believe. Let's put it this way. There's a chicken, but not in the pot. And, a pig, but not in a blanket. Join ...