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What Is the ANDI Score?

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How to Supplement If You're a Vegan!

Dr. Joel Fuhrman - Be Your Healthiest Self • 29m

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  • What Is the ANDI Score?

    Prevailing food myths largely contribute to our overweight population and poor health for many. Lifestyle-related diseases are the most common causes of death, but according to a 2011 poll by Consumer Reports Health, 90 percent of Americans believe that they eat a healthy diet.

    Most Americans do...

  • Why Fast Foods Are DESTROYING Your He...

    Fast food and processed foods might be convenient, but at what cost? Let’s talk about the dark secrets lurking behind these foods that are destroying your health. Ever wondered why heart disease and cancer rates are skyrocketing? It's not just about genetics; it's about what's on your plate!


  • What the Heck are High Glycemic Foods?

    A glycemic load is a practical number that considers the amount of food eaten and how fast the sugar in the meal will enter the bloodstream. And it matters if you're trying to reverse chronic disease, prevent cancer, or achieve healthy weight loss. Or simply wants to stay healthy.

    Dr. Joel Fuhrm...