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What About YOU?

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Police Use Excessive Force!

Animal Rising • 3m 23s

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  • What About YOU?

    Animal Rising is a fast-growing UK organization reframing the issue of animal rights as a case of morality, right and wrong. The organization offers ample evidence that humanity's relationship with animals is broken and asks everyone to look at themselves and ask, where do I stand on this issue? ...

  • Meet Your Milk

    So many people say, "There's no harm in using dairy. We're not killing the cows, are we?" This video is not, in any way, graphic. So, don't worry about that. Still, it makes the point that dairy involves tremendous cruelty and is completely unnatural. Baby calves must be removed from their mother...

  • "I Rescued the King's Sheep"

    Meet three women, all members of the fast-growing UK group Animal Rising, who rescued three lambs destined for slaughter by going into a farm on the Sandringham estate of King Charles of England and taking them out. This made global news! While some news publications reported it as a theft, other...