Vegan FTA

Vegan FTA

Vegan FTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to working for the animals in order to help bring about a world where animals’ lives are valued and treated with the respect they deserve. Our vision is a world in which veganism is the moral baseline and organizations like ours are no longer needed to save and protect animals. We envision a society in which animal cruelty and exploitation are relegated to the past, and the future of all living beings rests in compassionate hands.

Vegan FTA's mission is to create a vegan world of informed individuals who value the lives of all sentient beings and work to eliminate all animal exploitation and cruelty through compassionate lifestyle choices and advocacy.

We will fulfill our much-needed mission by:
Contributing to a thriving vegan community by highlighting positive changes taking place for animals
Amplifying the work of activists, genuine animal sanctuaries, and vegan organizations through collaboration
Educating individuals about veganism, animal exploitation, and ways to decrease the suffering of others through informed lifestyle choices and advocacy
Inspiring individuals to become active in effecting change through impactful animal protection campaigns .
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Vegan FTA
  • Kind Eats

    Kat made a vow that if she survived cancer, she'd do everything she could to help people understand the life preserving properties of good food. The Kind Eats story is an example of how something beautiful can arise from the greatest of challenges.

  • Teapot, the Happiest Piglet

    Teapot is the happiest little piglet you could ever meet! But life didn't start out that way... Thanks to Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Ōtaki Teapot is getting the love he deserves!

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    Meet a few of the 200 residents at Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Ōtaki!

  • A Pig's Journey to Kindness!

    Gherkin was found alone on the side of the road, sunburnt and dehydrated. It is thought he fell from a slaughter truck... making him one very lucky pig to have wound up at Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Ōtaki -

  • Toffee's Road to Recovery

    Thanks to Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Ōtaki for rescuing him and providing him with the care he needs. The sanctuary's message is simple: "Choose Compassion."

  • New Zealand Vegan Deli Makes History

    A vegan deli called Grater Goods is making history in Sydenham, New Zealand. Vegan delis and bodegas are springing up around the world. For more:

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    Even before he was born, he was destined to be slaughtered... For more updates on Theo and to help support him and other rescues visit Te Paranui Farm Sanctuary.

  • Art Scene Meets Vegan Food

    Wellington, New Zealand's Cuba Street is famous as one of the world's hottest art scenes. It's also now famous for delish vegan food.'s short film is like a vacation.

  • A Holiday Wish: Kindness!

    Holiday dinners don't have to mean killing. We can celebrate with kindness and respect for all beings. It's actually more fun.

  • A Shocking Weight Loss Story

    Not all animals who end up in animal sanctuaries lived their previous lives in neglect. In Trotter's case, it was kindness that nearly killed him... Thanks to Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Ōtaki Trotter is getting the care and love he deserves!

  • An Injured Goat's Recovery

    Toffee from Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Ōtaki was badly injured but his wounds are healing, and the future is looking brighter and brighter for this little fighter. Join