SMTV Presents Videos in Multiple Languages, Courtesy Supreme Master Television.

SMTV Presents Videos in Multiple Languages, Courtesy Supreme Master Television.

Supreme Master TV is a nonprofit, global media organization with hundreds of volunteers and supporters from around the world, lending their expertise, time and effort. While they speak many different languages, they are united by a common belief in peace, exhibited through nonviolent daily choices in food, clothing, science and entertainment. SMTV was founded by Supreme Master Ching Hai, a spiritual leader with more than 2 million followers worldwide. She is also the founder of the Loving Hut vegan restaurant chain, which has establishments all over the world.

The channel’s name “Supreme Master” refers to the Divine Spirit within all beings. Supreme Master Television broadcasts on 14 satellite platforms and on over 90 cable and IPTV networks, in more than 60 languages and over 40 language subtitles to date.

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SMTV Presents Videos in Multiple Languages, Courtesy Supreme Master Television.
  • Fiona Oakes

    This British distance runner holds four marathon world records! In 2013, she won both the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the North Pole Marathon, this despite the fact that she's missing a kneecap. Vegan since childhood, she is believed to be the first vegan female to complete the Marathon des Sabl...

  • Fiona Oakes - Record-Breaking Runner!

    Fiona Oakes holds four world records for marathon running! In 2013, she won both the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the North Pole Marathon. Whaaaat? And, there's more says her Wikipedia.

    "In 2013, Oakes became the fastest female in aggregate time to complete a marathon on each continent (23h:27m:4...

  • More about Fiona Oakes

    This English distance runner is a world-class marvel. Her accomplishments are mind-boggling. But, it's not just her 4 world records for marathon running. It's not just that she competed in the Marathon des Sables, which is 6 marathons packed into one. It's her dedication to the cause of animal ri...

  • Merissa Underwood: Miss Montana USA 2020

    When Merissa Underwood won Miss Montana USA 2020, she didn't realize her decision to live a vegan lifestyle would cause such a backlash. But, it did. Instead of backing down, Merissa has become a leading voice for animals and animal rights. Let's face it, she's a walking billboard for the benefit...

  • Eating Our Way to Extinction: Director Otto Brockway

    Otto Brockway's career began by assisting on music videos at Virgin Records with artists such as David Bowie, Eurythmics and Iggy Pop. Then, he was able to use his talents for perhaps the most important cause of all: saving the planet by directing the film Eating Our Way to Exinction. The film i...

  • Jo-Anne McArthur

    An acclaimed photographer, McArthur captures images that reveal what's really happening to animals on our planet. Her books include Captive, We Animals, Hidden: Animals in the Anthropocene and other works. Her photographs are haunting and make us question our own behavior and assumptions.


  • Speaking for Animals through Photography

    Jo-Anne McArthur is a famed photojournalist, author and animal rights activist who created the We Animals photography project documenting human relationships with animals. Through the We Animals Humane Education program, McArthur offers presentations about human relationships with animals in educ...

  • Tal Gilboa

    Tal Gilboa is an Israeli animal liberation and vegan activist. In 2013, she founded the Israeli Animal Liberation Front. It has since been rebranded: Total Liberation. Gilboa won the sixth season the reality show Big Brother's Israeli version. She was appointed by prime minister Netanyahu as adv...

  • Plant-Based Dietitian Julieanna Hever!

    Known as The Plant-Based Dietitian®, Julieanna has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from UCLA in and a Master of Science degree in Nutrition from Cal State Northridge, bridging her three biggest passions for food, performing, and helping people.

    As a Registered Dietitian, Julieanna has aut...

  • Vegan Spinach Lasagna

    Get the recipe and step-by-step instructions on how to make this yummy pasta dish. Pop it in the over and when it comes out it will be creamy and crispy and delight your senses, without hurting your health.

  • Vegan Cheesecake

    Check out this recipe for vegan cheesecake, topped with a blueberry sauce! OMG! And, you can watch and learn 10 languages at the same time. Now, that's a win win, thanks to SMTV!