Spirituality & Religion

Spirituality & Religion

The choice of a lifestyle that seeks to avoid harm to any other sentient being is often touted as a new fad. However, it has roots in ancient times and ancient spiritual beliefs.

Spirituality & Religion
  • Ahimsa & Environment: Making Peace with Nature

    Rising global temperatures, wildfires, cyclones, floods, deforestation, and the loss of biodiversity and wildlife, we are facing the sixth major extinction and Ahimsa (non-harming) is the only effective solution. “The way we're currently living doesn't work. This model of living where we just kee...

  • A Prayer for Compassion - Film

    This award-winning film by Thomas Wade Jackson and Game of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn will have you thinking and rethinking the true purpose of religion and spirituality! Aprayerforcompassion.com

  • The Land Of Ahimsa

    With Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn as one of the executive producers, The Land of Ahimsa follows Dolly Vyas-Ahuja’s on her journey to save her ancestral land and the people of India. She is a granddaughter of a freedom fighter who worked alongside Mahatma Gandhi during India's historic strugg...

  • Veganism, Science & Spirituality?

    In this episode of JIVINITI Connecting the Dots, host Nivi Jaswal discusses Science and Spirituality, and their connection with Veganism with guests, Dr. Faraz Harsini MSc, PhD and Daraius Dubash MBA, MEM from Allied Scholars for Animal Protection (ASAP). Dr. Faraz Harsini brings over a decade o...

  • Animals & the Buddha - Film

    What does Buddhism say about animals? Find out. For more, visit dharmavoicesforanimals.org

  • What Would Buddha Say?

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    What would Buddha say about fast food and factory farming? For more, dharmavoicesforanimals.org.