Lissa's Raw Food Romance

Lissa's Raw Food Romance

Raw Food Romance is all about the love of raw food! Whether you are a full 80/10/10 or Raw till 4 or even just want to incorporate more raw food into your life! Daily inspirations and affirmations, videos and love to help you stay on the veggie wagon!

Lissa's Raw Food Romance
  • Hempy Lemon Dill Salad

    The fact is: if you want to get the most out of your food, eat it raw! That's how most nutrients will be best preserved. But, some people feel raw is wretched. They couldn't be more wrong. Raw can be delicious, savory and tangy and sweet and spicy. You just have to know how to prep it. So, watch ...

  • Spicy Sunshine Superfood Salad

    There are salads and then there are Spicy Sunshine Superfood Salads that turn you into a superhero! Check this out and fly!

  • French Twist Salad

  • Peach Apricot Soup