You know what they say, what happens in LA spreads to the rest of the nation and, then, the world. So, join our tour of LA's hippest restaurants and food festivals! Journalist Michelle Celestino is a longtime Angelino and she know LA like the back of her manicured hand. From downtown LA to Los Feliz, from Silver Lake to Venice, she will take you to LA's coolest places! Visit for more fun stuff.

  • Besties Vegan Paradise

    Join OMG! LA's Michelle Celestino and @PlantBasedinLA's Erin Tice as they explore the incredible BESTIES Vegan Paradise, the FIRST AND ONLY MARKETPLACE IN THE U.S. WITH 100% VEGAN BRANDS. And they SHIP. So, you can visit and order from them for delivery. Or... vi...

  • Florence, Italy: Delizioso!

    OMG! LA host Michelle Celestino takes us on her wild ride through Florence, Italy! You will feel like you are there!

  • OMG! LA Vegandale Festival

    The Vegandale Festival is where the world’s best in vegan food, drink, and goods come together in a day-long celebration. Meet the man who created Vegandale and is taking it across the U.S. and the globe. Vegandale is now in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Toronto, Chicago... and headed to ...

  • Seabirds Kitchen: An Amazing Journey!

    Seabirds Kitchen rocks! Owner & head chef Stephanie Morgan tells OMG! LA's Michelle Celestino about her journey from Wall Street to a food truck and beyond.

  • Plant Power Fast Food Could Save the World!

    Vegan fast food is all the rage. Here's the inside story of how Plant Power Fast Food became a powerhouse, with 11 locations and counting!

  • De Buena Planta - LA's Hottest New Restaurant!

    Our OMG! LA correspondent Michelle Celestino hits trendy Silverlake's hottest new restaurant! Why are vegan celebrities are flocking to De Buena Planta? Find out.

  • OMG! LA - New UnchainedTV Series

    TV personality Michelle Celestino gives us a tour of Vegan Playground, the never-ending LA food party! You're invited! Visit for locations.