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Why the Lone Star Tick Will Blow Your Mind!

New Arrivals - Check Out These Just Released Videos! • 7m 35s

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    Whatever you do... DO NOT GIVE AWAY THE ENDING... to ANYONE. That's all we can say about this film, except to caution that it is for mature audiences and not suitable for minors. VKind Studios presents The Next Girl. This film is only about 15 minutes long but its impact will last a lifetime. Sta...

  • Mermaids Rock

    Journalist/actress/comedian/activist Jamie Logan meets up with mermaids and the Old Man of the Sea along Santa Monica beach where - in true ONLY IN LA fashion - people are giving away fish tacos that are NOT made from fish. Call them FYSH.

    A lot of people don't really consider fish to be animals...

  • Winning the War on Breast Cancer with...

    Dr. Fuhrman presents life-saving nutritional strategies for protection against breast cancer and its recurrence if you already had breast cancer. Much of the information presented can be used to fight all types of cancer including prostate, colon, and skin cancer.

    With the right nutritional sci...