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Live Your Most Compassionate Life

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What You Need to Know About Eggs

International Vegan Film Festival Presents • 6m 40s

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  • Live Your Most Compassionate Life

    A rousing call to every human to embrace kindness to all beings! We'd say more but this video says it all, so just take it in and decide for yourself if you want to heed the call. For more, visit

  • The Ghosts in Our Machine

    With the exception of our companion animals and the wild and stray species within our urban environments, we experience animals daily only as the food, clothing, animal tested goods and entertainment we make of them. This moral dilemma is largely hidden from our view.


  • Farmerica

    Vegan Batgirl, aka Connie Spence, is a woman who risks arrest to broadcast her message thru the night sky. She makes a powerful case that taxpaying Americans are being forced to play the fool. Americans' tax dollars are bailing out Big Ag, an industry in collusion with U.S. government agencies th...