European Vegan Summit

European Vegan Summit

This is the very first event of its kind in Europe. Place where activists, politicians, business people and academics meet on one stage. We believe it is high time to start connecting the dots between the world of human rights, environmental rights and animal rights. It is impossible to create a modern nation and develop competitive economies without changing the food system. Only an economy without animal exploitation can provide the answer to the challenges brought by climate catastrophe. For more, visit

European Vegan Summit
  • Plant Based Treaty as the New Deal

    Politicians explain how to make the Plant Based Treaty not just an idea but a political strategy..

  • Plant-Based Business Owners Speak Out!

    What does it really mean to invest in a sustainable future for the planet? On this panel, presented by the European Vegan Summit, plant-based business owners talk about the need for support from governments. EU funds should be redirected to industries of the future and withdrawn from sectors of...

  • Science in the service of an ethical food system

    What should we aspire to and avoid when we create a new system of food production?

  • Opening plenary

    Guests introduce the audience to the contemporary problems and experiences any vegan entrepreneur, activist or ally must face.

  • Certification system for vegan and planetary food

    This debate and session as part of the European Vegan Summit make the case that European citizens have the right to full information about products, and the European Union has a duty to guarantee this right. We must strive to shift responsibility from consumers to decision-makers. Visit https://v...

  • 3 years of new EU.mp4

    Lara Pappers leads this discussion on the need to evaluate EU policies related to animal rights and other matters

  • China and Mercosur: Is a green EU policy possible?

    This panel, led by Morgan Janowicz, addresses the impact of trade agreements on a sustainable food system.

  • Fiscal tools in the fight for an ethical world.mp4

    Fighting climate change and expanding animal rights requires the use of many tools, including fiscal ones.

  • Listen to Vegan Start Ups Talk Business

    Dreamers, listen up! You can be an entrepreneur and a hero for animals and the planet at the same time! Presented by the European Vegan Summit, successful vegan business owners share tips for getting started and staying successful. These enterprises are changing the status quo and contributing t...

  • Mission courage strength Listening to activists

    Worldwide, activists are carrying out thousands of investigations and raising the alarm about animal rights violations.

  • Time to connect the dots

    European policy must recognize the connection between the environment, human, and animal rights.

  • Will women save the world

    Democracy without women is half democracy. Still, in many countries in Europe, women are a minority in certain arenas..

  • Vegan Warsaw

    'Vegan Warsaw' directed by Marcin Anaszewicz and Anna Spurek tells the story of four plant businesses in Warsaw.

  • The Vegan Business Talks

    This multilingual look at Europe's skyrocketing vegan food sector shows that transitioning to alternative proteins & plant-based milks is key to solving the climate crisis:

  • Vegan Warsaw, A Short Doc

    This short film tells the story of plant-based business leaders in Warsaw, Poland. Directed by Marcin Anaszewicz and Anna Spurek, this film is in Polish with English subtitles and beautifully illustrates that compassion to animals is a global movement. These vegan business owners put values first...