Care for Wild | Planet Series

Care for Wild | Planet Series

9 Episodes

Join us as we travel behind the scenes and bring you never before seen footage of the daily care and running of the world's largest rhino sanctuary. Welcome to our world! Welcome to Care for Wild Planet Series.

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Care for Wild | Planet Series
  • Weighing Baby Rhinos and Health Checks | E1

    Episode 1

    The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary is an extraordinary place, filled with people who give everything to save these innocent, majestic beings! It's a lot of work. Here is just a taste of what these heroes do with these precious baby rhinos.

  • Mixing Two Groups of Orphan Rhinos | E2

    Episode 2

    A behind-the-scenes look into the world's largest rhino sanctuary. Join us this week as we mix two of the baby groups for the first time and concerns rise as reports from the veld reveal that released rhino, Oz, has been taken ill.

  • Treatment of Extremely Sick Rhino Oz | E3

    Episode 3

    Find out what happens to OZ, the rhino, who was taken seriously ill in last week’s episode. We also join Petronel and the team as they deliver food parcels to those most in need in the local community.

  • Covid Lockdown at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary | E4

    Episode 4

    The Corona Virus put South Africa into Lockdown, but as an essential service, Care of Wild Rhino Sanctuary, continued to care for and protect the rhinos. This week we see how the team coped during the lockdown.

  • Dramatic Day for Orphan Rhino Zac | E5

    Episode 5

    Zac was just a baby when he was brought to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. He had watched his Mom being killed by poachers. Still, he fought to survive! Zac bravely completed his rehabilitation and, then, he and his rhino friends entered the first stage of re-wilding at the end of 2019. With wint...

  • New Baby Rhino Arrives at Care for Wild | E6

    Episode 6

    Meet the adorable, new baby orphan rhino arrives at Care for Wild. The team has to spring into action to prepare for his arrival. Petronel and her team know that the poaching crisis has not stopped, so saving every orphan rhino is so important.

  • Cute Baby Rhino Anchors First Feed | E7

    Episode 7

    In this episode, we see how Care for Wild is expanding its projects and we join young Anchor, the rhino, for his first feed, having his blindfold removed and his first day in the bright warm sun after arriving at Care for Wild.

  • The Rescue of Baloo the Rhino | E8 Part 1

    Episode 8

    Witness the incredible rescue of Baloo. We also see how much work goes into preparing a large camp for him and some of the older rhinos who are going to join him.

  • Orphan Rhino Hawk Not Feeling Well | E9

    Episode 9

    Petronel and the Care for Wild team recently responded to a radio call from the guards protecting the released rhinos in the Intensive Protection Zone. One of our Rhino Monitors reported that Hawk was not feeling well. Hawk had stopped eating and was very lethargic and quiet.