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Gas Chamber Secrets Revealed

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Meet DxE Undercover Investigator Making Headlines

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  • Gas Chamber Secrets Revealed

    Direct Action Everywhere's Raven Deerbrook pulls off a daring and dangerous undercover mission, managing to infiltrate a massive pig slaughterhouse near downtown LA and, for the first time ever in the United States, place hidden cameras to record what happens inside a pig gas chamber. The carbon...

  • Farmer John closes!

    Cesar Asebedo breaks down as he thinks of the thousands of baby pigs killed here on a daily basis. Farmer John pig slaughterhouse, near downtown LA, was the site of hundreds of peaceful protests and vigils where animal lovers gave water and a loving touch to thirsty, frightened and confused baby ...

  • LIVE Vegan News Roundup!

    Breaking news: Hundreds of animal lovers converge on LA's notorious Farmer John Pig slaughterhouse to say good riddance as the last pigs go into slaughter. We'll talk to those who showed up! Shock and outrage as cops hit an innocent dog with a taser! Simone Reyes reports that it's caught on tape ...